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My name is Donna. I am in my mid-thirties and recently became a proud mommy of a baby boy. He is keeping me on my toes 24/7. You other mommies (and daddies of course) out there know what I’m talking about.

This blog was born out of my jogging passion and the need to research my purchase of a jogging stroller. I have spent the better part of weeks and even months researching strollers, looking for one that will fit my every need. There are just so many different stroller models out there to choose.

I did end up buying a regular stroller initially just for daily walks and a separately dedicated jogger later on. Why, because the labor date was quickly approaching and I ran out of time. I just could not decide!

So I thought why not do the research and make it available for you – to help you on deciding which stroller to buy. It can be tedious sifting through the many specifications and features. Also getting straight to the gist will hopefully provide you benefit.

My stroller reviews

I try to use the same methodology in all of my reviews, to allow for cross comparison. I buy my review samples and test them thoroughly in 1-2 weeks, for the various features and functionality/handling. After the review, I sell the strollers to friends and family for discounts. This way the strollers do end up serving its purpose to a new owner, and I am not stacking strollers at home, LOL.

To provide you with my honest opinion, I buy the review samples out of my pocket. Therefore I can be completely unbiased and provide you with the juicy details and findings. Want to know if a stroller is for you? Check the detailed reviews.

To keep it not so dull I wanted the reviews to be rather informal, so it’s easier to read. Please bear in mind I am by no means a professional. This is my passion and hobby. I am also very new to writing, but I hope you do still enjoy reading my reviews and insights. If you have any specific review requests, please post it in the comments here below or contact me via the sign-up option.

Running is my passion

That’s why I decided to create this blog. I am addicted going out and doing fun and workout activities including my little one. I hope to provide you honest feedback on practical everyday applications and situations that I encounter. That’s something not many reviews out there are covering. 

Upon starting this blog, I focused purely on reviewing jogging strollers – but soon decided to expand to other types, as there are gorgeous strollers that provide more than only jogging features. Why not combine different applications? Do you like to go on regular bicycle trips and intend to jog? Some of the Chariot models can be the perfect match. Also very popular are the best of reviews.

I also wanted to create a blog section with articles on outdoor activities, safety tips and other input that will hopefully help you, parents, out there. Being a parent of a newborn is stressful enough. Having some guidance and inspiration on activities for you and your kids can boost your quality of o life tremendously. I wholeheartedly believe that showing my kid a great example of being active and outdoorsy will have a positive benefit. I know how I felt down after not being able to go outside to be active in the last trimester of my pregnancy. You can call me an endorphin addict, but it does help me get a positive mindset and be my best self.

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