Baby Jogger City Mini GT

By Donna December 22, 2016 Regular Strollers

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Baby Jogger City Mini GT










  • The canopy is UPF 50+ rated
  • One hand fold
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Hand operated parking brake
  • Modern design


  • No wrist strap included
  • Rather small storage compartment

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is hands down my favorite stroller for sole urban usage. Although not advertised as a dedicated jogger, it does provide some limited running capability when used on asphalt. I would not recommend the City Mini for off-track jogging. Also with a newborn under six months care needs to be given when considering jogging with the stroller. Your kid will not have the neck stability yet, and the head could bounce around uncontrolled. I recommend jogging from 6 months upwards.

From running errands to going to the park with the toddler or going for grocery shopping. I was pleasantly surprised about the maneuverability and level of comfort the stroller provided. The City Mini GT was the first Stroller that I purchased for private use when my son Jackson was born. I bought the travel system and was very pleased with the ease of transport and seamless transfer from car to stroller to the house. I was able to transfer my son while sleeping which was a big deal. New parents out there will know what I mean. If your child is sound asleep the last thing you want is to wake them up. You cherish every quiet moment.


I like the design of this stroller very much. Modern and but still elegant. The materials and the manufacturing finish seem excellent quality to me. The seams are well finished. I didn’t find any lose threads unlike with other strollers.

The City Mini GT is very aesthetically pleasing. Modern and fresh yet still very sturdy. I think it looks terrific. I wish there would be more color choices but black universally matches the most, so it’s okay. Combined with the excellent materials used I felt that I had made a great purchase and received a superior product of high quality.


As already mentioned above, this is not an intended jogging stroller. I did go on a few runs in the suburbs (3 miles or more) and was not disappointed. The suspension does absorb a lot of the shocks from small debris on the sidewalk. However, I would not recommend to use it for off-track runs. The fact that the tires are not pneumatic just really don’t promote this. Other strollers are better for pure off track jogging (Forrest and countryside tracks). On the plus side, you will not have flat tires and thus less maintenance but more convenience.

I’m not a fan of the storage compartment on this stroller. The access is obstructed, due to the frame of the stroller. The basket did suffice to run several errands and small shopping adventures. But if you plan on bigger hauls you should bring other storage options along.

But the best feature hands down is the ONE pull handle folding mechanism. One pull and you hold the folded stroller in your hands. It also folds very compact and is ideal for transport in your car. The stroller is very easy to handle in my opinion. The superior maneuverability sold me on this stroller. Once you have pushed this stroller around a bit, you know the manufacturer must have used quality bearings on the wheels. You feel like the stroller is gliding over the floor and you need almost no force to push it.

The stroller carseat combo is super convenient to use once the base is installed correctly in your car. The padding in the carseat is excellent and I my boy feels very comfortable in the seat. The harness straps adjust quickly to the needed size. You need to get this right otherwise your kid won’t be adequately protected. Remember, Kids until the age of 18 months should drive backward facing. In case of an impact, you don’t want to put the strain on your kid’s neck because they don’t have enough strength yet.


The Baby Jogger City Mini GT has all the basic safety features. The hand operated parking brake is different to other strollers and simplifies the handling to a certain extent.

The canopy can be adjusted to 3 positions and provides UPF 50+ protection. Plus it is rather big and can almost fully cover your passenger. Sun protection is important for infants. As their skin is still very thin and fragile sunburns are to be avoided at any cost. Kids under the age of 1 year should avoid direct sun contact according to dermatologists.

One feature I am dearly missing is a wrist-strap. However, you can DIY very easily. Quickly grab some random cord, braid or string lying around and ty a loop for your wrist and attach the other end to the stroller handle.


UPF 50+ canopy that can be adjusted to 3 different positions. Fully extended it almost covers the passenger completely.


The parking brake is hand operated to give you full control and keep your hands at the handlebar.


5 point harness to safely secure your passenger.


Let’s see some reviews from other Parents. 

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Best Stroller Out There!!

Baby number 6 and this is the best stroller we’ve owned. The maneuverability functionality as a jogger is phenomenal. Extremely lightweight and folds up quickly and easily. Takes up minimal space for a stroller.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Love Love love GT

I bought a different three-wheel stroller and it was very big and hard to carry when folded. Also, the front wheel would wiggle/shimmy when walking giving my baby an awful ride. When I bought my first stroller, my mom was telling me to get the City Mini GT and I didn’t listen because I thought the price was too much. 8 months after buying my first stroller, I bought the City Mini GT and had to tell my mom she was right. I wish I would have bought it my first time around. It is lightweight, smooth ride, great sun shade folds with one hand, and so much more. I have told two friends about my learning and they have both bought the City Mini and also love, love, love it!

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Just the right size.

It was my dad-duty to select the stroller, but my wife ended up making the decision when she tested the Mini GT at the store. The GT is just the right size, not too bulky but also not too small and flimsy. We use this with the Britax infant seat car seat adapters for easy click-and go. My only gripe was that I originally planned for a Chicco infant seat, but the required the much larger adapter. I ended up going with the Britax because it only requires two small pieces that connect to the connectors where the snack tray would click into. Aside from that, this stroller handles great. Built rock solid and maneuvers easily with one hand.

Bottom line

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