Bugaboo Buffalo

By Donna July 8, 2017 Regular Strollers

Bugaboo Buffalo

Bugaboo Buffalo










  • most versatile stroller
  • foam filled tires - never run flat again
  • many extras included
  • one hand operation
  • bassinet and seat included
  • car seat compatible


  • expensive
  • fixed leg rest
  • bulky

Unpacking the delivery to this fantastic piece of equipment is an experience in itself. I got so excited after my order the wait was almost unbearable. Thank god for Amazon prime delivery!

There are not many reviews available online, probably due to the steep asking price for this beauty. I do understand that this stroller is not for everybody. I did, however, read a lot about it. The more I read, the more excited I got and finally pulled the trigger. Uff! What an emotion. Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty.


The Bugaboo Buffalo is just a pure beauty! I love the fabrics used. My review model was the Navy Blue color. The Handlebar has faux leather grips. It may not be real leather, but it sure feels good and looks stunning! Wow. I think this must be the most pretty stroller I have ever had in my hands.

The Frame seems a bit bulky, but it’s not that wide. I love the sleek and clean look it has. The minimalistic approach also has its benefits with regards to maintenance. It makes cleaning much more comfortable. I am getting carried away about this stroller. The quality is up to the highest standards encountered in my other reviews from Thule models.

Let’s see some images to illustrate why I’m raving so much about this stroller.


I like this stroller a lot. The design is brilliant. From the fold to the change of bassinet to a regular seat. It’s all easily manageable by myself, and I consider myself not especially good at mechanicals. The way to operate the stroller is reasonably intuitive.

Firstly I noticed the wheels. They are non-puncture foam filled wheels. This provides suspension to some degree but great benefit and convenience with regards to maintenance. You will never have a flat tire! One of the more significant downsides when operating a stroller with pneumatic air filled wheels. But this is down to personal preference.

The Buffalo is a cross-country stroller according to the manufacturer, so I wanted to test this feature. The suspension works very well, but there are others that do have a smoother ride especially when on gravel or off-track; for example the Thule and  Bob strollers. Air filled wheels do make a difference as well as the pneumatic suspension on the BOB Stroller. I would not recommend jogging with the Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller. However, on regular strolls, the rides where adequately smooth and my kid did not complain at all. He would have if it were uncomfortable. But for a stroller to be genuinely countryside and cross-country compatible I do recommend either pneumatic air filled wheels. Please refer to my other reviews of jogging strollers that include this feature if you want this.

Another great feature is the ability to switch the direction of the seat. Depending on the desire of your passenger you can have them facing to the front or facing backward looking at you. My son tends to want to see me most of the time. He does occasionally fuss around and I simply switch the direction of the seat on the fly. It’s really convenient. 

A really nifty feature is the compatibility to attach other manufacturer car seats. This is the first brand that offers this or the first that I saw in any case. You can find a compatibility list with the manufacturer here.

The Handlebar is height adjustable in order to accommodate parents of various heights. It is not adjustable in angle though. but the height is the most important. This one does it perfectly.

Included features

  • rain cover
  • faux leather carry handle
  • sun canopy (extendable)
  • understeat basket
  • chassis / wheels
  • base bassinet fabric


This stroller provides only the essential safety features. As it’s not an advertised jogger, I am kind of okay with a missing handbrake for example. But for a stroller in this price range, I really would have expected all safety features to be included. Read the detailed descriptions of the standard features such as 5 point harness, parking brake, and a wrist strap.


A (short) wrist strap to attach the stroller to yourself is included.


Padded 5 point harness that provides safety and comfort while out and about with your little precious. A notable mention is that the harness is really easily adjustable to change without rethreading! Really like this.


Parking brake foot activated


Let’s see some reviews from other buyers.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

This stroller is awesome! Our son needed to sleep in it for the first two weeks of his life and he LOVED it. It’s easy to use and really beautiful. We got compliments wherever we go. It’s expensive but worth it.

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

We purchased the Bugaboo Buffalo Classic Collection for my baby. We were advised this was a special edition of the Buffalo, it is a lovely grey colour with a black frame and then inside of the bassinet/mattress are quilted in a cream fabric. It also came with a coordinating bag and a rain cover.

The pram is extremely easy to maneuver, although we had a little trouble on some sandy ares trying to push the pram (we later discovered that locking the front wheel would probably have made this much easier). It is quick and easy to setup and put away in the car. It is a little on the heavier side but I don’t find putting the pram in and out of the car an issue. We are currently using the bassinet with the pram and it is a bit bulky in the back of a small SUV, we don’t have much room to put anything else in there. We are hoping when we move to the seat there will be a little more room.

The main reason I wanted to buy the Buffalo was so we could have a pram that would grow with our child. The frame is extremely sturdy and it will be able to support my child as he gets heavier. Everything is extremely well made.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

I bought the limited edition Buffalo in grey melange with black frame and so far I love my Buffalo. I chose this over the Chameleon due to the all-terrain nature of the wheels (we live near a few unsealed parks so we need a pram that moves smoothly away from paved footpaths). I also like the design and feel it’s more aesthetically pleasing than the other Bugaboo models. It’s easy to pull out and pack away back in the car. It is a touch heavy but due to the fact you can unfold it in one flip, it doesn’t make me regret choosing this pram in any way. The storage basket is large and fits everything I need. It moves beautifully and the adjustable handlebar makes it comfortable for anybody to push regardless of height.

Bottom Line

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