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Best of baby strollers

By Donna April 5, 2017 Best of reviews

Best stroller reviews

In this section, you will find reviews on different stroller types such as umbrella strollers and carseat strollers or Travel Systems. Find the best baby strollers by reading my reviews and see if you can find your perfect fit. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. Buying an expensive stroller that will not make you happy longterm can be a costly mistake. Get it right by reading and finding out what you want.

Get quick information and comparability of the top four selected contenders in the category. At the beginning will be some brief description of the test scenario and use case of the stroller type in the comparison table.

After the comparison table, I will provide a quick review of each model with the good and the bad. The safety features, of course, will also be highlighted as usual. Hopefully, this will help you make an informed decision if you are looking to buy one of the reviewed models.

Look out for the “editors choice” in each article. I will highlight why I chose that model to be my personal favorite. Please take note that these reviews take a lot of time as I thoroughly test each model for 1-2 weeks for its various features. Sometimes a few days you feel great with a particular stroller. But then you encounter specific day to day situations and suddenly realize that you are having troubles. That’s why try to test for two weeks to cover as many features as possible.

Missing any stroller type that you want to read on this blog? Sign-up onto the blog and send me a quick message on what you would love to have reviewed. If enough demand is there, I will consider for future reviews!

Best Double Stroller 2018

By Donna October 2, 2017 Best of reviews

Double Trouble, when your expecting twins

Congratulations, you just won the lottery! Getting twins may seem daunting to you. Say goodbye to a good nights sleep for a while. But don’t worry. At least with today’s product developments, there are good twin strollers or triple strollers that will accommodate your needs and help you get some fresh air for the three of you.

But what do you need or want exactly? That is the question you need to be asking yourself. Do you want a lightweight double stroller for casual walks or do you want a double jogging stroller? There are many different types of double strollers for infant and toddlers. Some models have the seats in line and others side by side. Both designs have their advantages or disadvantages.

For each below-listed category, I have reviewed only the top stroller according to my research and review. The criteria used to determine which models I wanted to consider, I used a mix of popularity and customer satisfaction ratings. Of course, a detailed look at the features and also the design did factor into this decision.

Double jogging stroller

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie

For obvious reasons, I went with the BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller. BOB Gears is the superior brand for Jogging Strollers with dedicated suspension. If you seriously consider jogging with your twins, I would recommend this bob double stroller. Just keep in mind the frame itself has to be sturdy to carry two kids. Combine all that weight and add that and consider if you can push this around for more than a few miles while running. Of course also always have the safety in mind. You will need to be in full control to maneuver safely especially in urban and city areas. Halting in an instant may be necessary!


  • Dedicated pneumatic suspension for rear wheels
  • Air filled wheels provide additional suspension
  • Front wheel swivel lockable for jogging


  • Handbrake
  • Wrist strap
  • Parking brake
  • Five point harness
  • Parking brake foot activated
double stroller

What I like

The BOB 2016 Revolution Pro is the King of Jogging strollers in my humble opinion. No other brand provides this level of suspension and safety feature richness.

Air filled pneumatic wheels provide the first level of suspension with excellent maneuverability. Pushing over flat surfaces works effortlessly and can be by anyone. Even when loaded with two kids and a diaper bag with necessities, I had no problem whatsoever. Bear in mind; I am not the tallest or heaviest either.

Adding more comfort and convenience are the dedicated pneumatic suspensions for the rear wheels. These provide for an ultra smooth ride even on gravel or off-track routes.

The cargo pouch under the child seating is sufficient to hold the most simple items you will need to bring along. I was able to fit a diaper bag loaded with the usual for changing your baby plus some snacks and drinks. It’s quite accessible and easy to get your belongings in and out.

This stroller comes loaded with all safety features available such as handbrake and wrist strap. The extended canopy is also an improvement over the older model. Sun protection is essential for kids.

Child seating reclines individually on both seats with a very simple tweak. The seating can also be secured fully upright. A significant improvement, as I have read a lot of other parents had an issue with the kids trying to sit fully upright which was not possible due to the seat angle. I didn’t have this problem as my boy never did this. I don’t know if he’s just lazy or not haha.

What I don't like

Honestly, not much. As with all air filled wheels are prone to run flat at some point. Especially going off-track a lot will put a strain on the wheels. But this is not a problem of the stroller, much rather the nature of air filled wheels. Just keep this in mind and have access to a bicycle pump and replacement tires.

The adjustment of the suspension was a bit difficult to manage for me. Maybe I just did it wrong I don’t know. But for technically not very skilled parents I guess they could improve a little on the handling.


  • Adjustable rear wheel suspension
  • Super maneuverability
  • Great Storage options
  • All safety features included
  • 2016 Model with many improvements


  • Rather heavy when fully loaded with two kids
  • Needs regular maintenance

bottom line

Double stroller

Baby Jogger 2016 City Select

My review of another great stroller from Baby Jogger USA. The City Select 2016 model is very popular with lot’s of great reviews online. I especially like the seating in line, as opposed to the regular side by side seating all other twin strollers provide. This feature allows for better maneuverability in narrow spaces. There are various possibilities on how to arrange the child seats.

Already having reviewed other Baby Jogger strollers, I knew the quality would be excellent. Having carseat adapters to various other manufacturers (such as Graco) provides excellent value as you can use an existing carseat if you already have one.


  • Suspension for front wheels
  • Foam filled wheels
  • 16 seating possibilities (if newborn bassinet is utilized)


  • UPF 50+ canopy
  • Parking brake
double stroller

What I like

I was not surprised about the quality manufacturing of the City Select 2016 model. The used materials and fabrics are of a very high standard as expected from Baby Jogger. The highlight of this stroller is for me the various positions that the seating can installed. I did find the seat as visible in the picture above to be the most convenient, primarily since I used the stroller with two boys already over the age of 18 months. They both wanted to look forward and experience the world around them.

But due to the modularity, you could also go a different route. Say you only have a single child, you can buy the City Select with the regular seat. Now once your second child arrives, you can just buy a second seating or car seat adapter and you have a double stroller! How great is this?

The City Select also comes with foam filled wheels which convince me. I do like this feature as it greatly reduces the need for maintenance and chance for a flat tire. The wheels still provide some degree of suspension and shock absorption.

Easy and compact fold as always with Baby Jogger strollers. When folded, not much space of your car trunk is needed.

What I don't like

The stroller when fully loaded with two kids and baggage is really heavy. Thank god for the excellent bearings and wheels otherwise it would be hard to maneuver. But loading and unloading can be hard if you are smaller and petite as I am. The flipside is that the frame is very robust and sturdy. But buyers beware – the weight is an issue if you’re not strong. Just keep in mind when thinking about a purchase.

When I fully loaded the stroller with both kids and some baggage the front wheels squeaked a little bit. I had to use some grease spray to eliminate this. I would expect a new product to be thoroughly greased especially in moving parts such as the wheels. 


  • Compact fold
  • 16 Configurations possible
  • Foam filled wheels
  • Highly adjustable including handbar recline etc.


  • Very heavy!
  • Squealing front wheels

bottom line

best baby stroller

Double umbrella stroller

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller

My recommendation for the lightweight double stroller is the Maclaren Twin Techno. The compact and straightforward folding are the highlights of course of this double umbrella stroller. The stroller is very sturdy even though it’s a lightweight frame. I’m not a huge fan of the wheels, but you have to compromise when going for ultimate lightweight and travel flexibility.


  • Very compact fold
  • Individual four-position recline for each seat
  • Rain cover included


  • Five-point safety harness
  • Parking brake
double stroller

What I like

The Maclaren Twin Techno is a practical and versatile stroller if you have twins or two kids you want to take out for a trip to the shopping mall or a casual stroll. The Maclaren is still sturdy given the lightweight frame and compact fold this stroller offers.

For sun protection there are two individually adjustable sun canopies. Both seats also recline independently from each other, which is necessary so you can get both your kids comfortable whether they want to sleep or not. The Legrest can be extended and provide additional comfort and support.

As storage, there are two pouches behind the seats with them each holding 15 liters volume. Bonus accessories are an included rain cover. Extras without payment are always welcome in my book.

What I didn't like

The Maclaren did maneuver reasonably well on pavements and sidewalks without big kinks or debris in the way. But even the dedicated four-wheel suspension didn’t satisfy my understanding of a smooth ride. I felt the stroller was subject to quite a lot of shocks which I did not like at all.

I also had problems operating the safety buckle of the five-point harness. Either I could not get it open, or it opened almost by itself. Once my kid opened the buckle himself. He was trying to escape and jumped out of the stroller. That was quite the shock! This was a big letdown for me. You can’t have this happening on a stroll through a busy area. Thank god no car was close by and was able to secure the stroller and jump after him. This was apparently a manufacturing malfunction, so I sorted this out with the customer care. I got the full stroller replaced within two days. Feeling unweary about the incident I was pleasantly surprised with the customer care I received after that.

The replacement stroller worked like a charm which confirmed my first hunch. I can say that the safety harness is safe when correctly manufactured. Every product can be at risk of having a malfunction. It’s just reality. What is most important is how manufacturer and retailer react in customer support. I do recommend to thoroughly check the buckle of your stroller for the case you want to buy one.


  • Very small and compact fold
  • Great sun protection canopies
  • Versatile and adjustable
  • Individual recline on each seat
  • Great customer support


  • Still rather heavy even for a umbrella stroller
  • Suspension doesn't really work due to 6" wheels

bottom line

Best Stroller Carseat Combo 2018

By Donna September 16, 2017 Best of reviews

My second Round-up style review will focus on Travel systems or Stroller car seat combos. Different to regular strollers that provide newborn support with having dedicated bassinets, these carseat strollers specialize in having a seamless transfer from the car to the stroller and vice versa. This does provide a huge benefit if you have a newborn that is sound asleep. You really don’t want to wake up a sleeping baby.

benefit of a car seat stroller

There are many ways to approach the whole transportation for a baby and literally hundreds of options to choose from. Doing proper research is very important to know what you want and purchase it to have it ready for when the baby arrives. Time and time again this research consumes much time and you postpone a purchase of stroller or carseat for later on. Happened to me too. In the end, I purchased a stroller in a rush and was not completely satisfied ultimately. Had I done more research and decided I could have saved some money. Instead of buying carseat and stroller separately I could have bought a combo travel system.

But what to look for? There are so many features that it’s easy to lose focus on the important. Fear not, I have done the same reviews as with all the other models. I will provide you with compacted data and information all in one place for you. Cross-compare and choose what you need that will suit your budget and lifestyle.

Carseat safety

All four of the below-reviewed models are tested and certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). All seats have passed rigorous crash testing and received the certification accordingly. From birth, the most important safety aspect is having your kid facing the rear of the vehicle.

baby stroller carseat combo
source NHTSA

Babies up to the age of 12 months should only be seated only in rear-facing car seats. Impact energy would severely harm them if faced forward.

Infants from age 1 – 3 years should stay rear-facing seated for as long as possible. Same as for babies in case of an accident the least harm can be done to your kid this way. If your kid outgrows the infant only seat, there are board seats or crossover seats that can turn from rear-facing to front facing and have higher capacities.

Ages 4 – 7 years are seated optimally with a front facing seat and a tightly secured harness. Once they outgrow the seat, you can move on to the next category.

From the Age 8 – 12 years use a booster seat to accommodate in missing height to use the regular seat belt. The belt should be tightened and lying on top of the upper thighs, not on the stomach (which also applies to adults by the way).

Once your kid outgrows the booster just seat, place them without any aid and use the regular seat-belt. Again the lap belt goes on the upper thighs, not the stomach and the shoulder belt should not go across the neck.

Please refer to the installation section on the NHTSA site for detailed instructions on how to install any seat. You won’t find any better guidance. There are video guides for all types of positions available.

Preemies (preterm babies)

Special care is to be given to prematurely born babies. As they may have underdeveloped lungs, the semi-reclined positions of most baby carrier seats could pose a threat to breathing correctly. There are hospitals such as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that will test your car seat for safety before they let you take your baby home. Be sure to consult with your doctors and physicians before transporting your baby in a car seat and request the car seat test.

best Baby Stroller Travel Systems

Graco Fastaction Fold

Max weight 35lbs

Max height 32"

Best Value

Chicco Bravo

Max weigt 50lbs

Max height 32"

Award Winner

B-Agile &
B-Safe 35

Max weight 35lbs

Max height 32"

Top Rated

BabyJogger City Mini GT

Max weight 35lbs

Max height 32"

High End

Graco Fastaction Fold Click Connect Travel System

Well since I already reviewed the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogging Stroller, I knew I had to include the Travel System in this round-up. The value you get for the very modest price tag is fantastic. Graco is safety certified and provides very solid feature set. There are different carseat combos you can select just with the Graco stroller alone – I went with the jogging carseat one. I really love jogging with my kid so the choice was obvious.


  • Lockable front wheel swivel
  • Pneumatic air-filled tires provide good suspension
  • Budget-friendly


  • Safety base for the carseat for easy mounting
  • Wheel reflectors and parking brake
  • 3 to 5 point safety harness
graco stroller

what i like

The attractive price is the leading feature for this stroller. In my review on the Graco Fastaction jogging stroller, you will see I liked it. The maneuverability and ease of use are excellent and enjoyable. It’s jogging ability is on par with even the most expensive strollers also though some key features are missing which you can fix yourself easily. For example DIY a wrist strap when jogging will improve your security within minutes to another level.

The storage compartment is very accessible and offers enough space for quite a lot of belongings, such as a diaper bag for example. You will still run out of storage, but that happens no matter the size of the compartment. You will always want more.

Switching the carseat from the base to your stroller is easy. Once the installation is done, you will move your kid effortlessly from car to stroller to home. No need to wake up your kid – let him sleep and enjoy the silence. This is probably the main feature of generally any travel system. It works great on the Graco. I had no troubles on moving from one to the other.

what i don't like

As in my detailed review, I do have a small gripe with the weight of this stroller. You can call it a tank. It does provide an extra sturdy frame due to the steel used that helps with keeping it steady. But the added weight does give an added challenge, especially if you’re small and somewhat light. If you are tall, you won’t notice the difference anyway.

For a dedicated jogging stroller, I am missing some features that I would expect. For example, no handbrake will be helpful when jogging on steep slopes. This is rather inconvenient and doesn’t promote serious jogging with this stroller. Also no wrist strap. A small gripe but so inexpensive they should just add one to every stroller made out there.

The carseat adjustments where a bit tricky. For example, if you want to amend the safety harness you need to rethread the straps, and that can be demanding. Especially if you have a kid in the seat that is screaming and squealing. And you need to have it done right otherwise the safety aspect won’t be given. Your kid needs to be appropriately secured with all straps in the right place with the right tightness. My boy just doesn’t like to be strapped to a carseat so its a fight every time. Having an easy would help more.


  • Very good value for price
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy Fold
  • Comfy carseat
  • Pneumatic wheels give smooth ride & suspension


  • Heavy
  • Carseat adjustment not easy
  • Bulky even when folded
  • Carseat padding could provide more support

bottom line

Gracobaby has without a doubt a great value offer for this rather inexpensive asking price. If you don’t need a very lightweight fancy stroller but one that gets the job done, you will be happy with the Graco Fastaction Fold Travel System. This one gets you the best bang for your buck.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

The second model in this round-up is the very popular Chicco Bravo Stroller Carseat System. All around the web you will find gleaming reviews all raving about this system. People love it. I read a lot of positive reviews and what really convinced me was reviews of parents that were unfortunately involved in accidents and were happy to have had a protected baby with this carseat. What better reason to test this for my self? We all buy this expensive baby gear with all this safety features in high hopes never to need it. But if you actually are involved in an accident you want to give your kid the best possible protection!


  • One hand fold and self-standing stroller
  • Four-wheel suspension for smooth ride
  • Three Position recline in stroller seat


  • Nr. 1 rated baby carseat in America
  • Comfortable, adjustable 5 point safety harness
  • Carseat padding  lined with EPS energy absorption from impacts
car seat stroller

what i like

Well for starters this stroller carseat combo just looks fantastic. The Papyrus color option is some beige tone, and I like it. It seems beautiful in my opinion. The handling of the stroller is excellent.

All wheels are fitted with a dedicated suspension providing great shock absorption. During my testing, I felt a lot of the cracks in the sidewalk were greatly absorbed and barely noticeable. The bearings on the wheels are also of high quality. The maneuverability is on par with top end jogging strollers that I tested. It almost feels like gliding over a cloud. But even with this model gravel tracks and off-road tracks is where the ride will become bumpy. Nothing unexpected as non-pneumatic wheels just can’t absorb as many shocks as air filled wheels.

The one hand fold of the stroller is excellent. I love this and say this in all my reviews. This feature provides a lot of day to day convenience as you will be folding a lot transferring from car to stroller to outside strolls. Traveling by your automobile, you will fold and unfold various times and to have a comfortable way of folding and holding the stroller is a huge plus in my book.

Adjusting the carseat was easy. I felt the labels, and the provided instruction was comprehensible and understandable. A quick five minutes to set the base in the car and adjust the straps and the harness and I was ready to roll. The padding in the seat was perfect and comfy. My son was always very comfortable and usually went silent once I got him strapped. Getting him in there was the hard part haha.

Also, a notable mention should be the slightly bigger and easily accessible storage compartment on the stroller. Not many strollers can stay this compact but still provide this much storage space for your items and belongings.

what i dont like

Hm, I had to think a lot about what to write here. There is not much I don’t like about this travel system car seat and stroller combo.

However, I did have a bit a gripe with the weight of the car seat itself. I found it to be somewhat on the heavy side. If you already have a big kid, you could have a hard time carrying the car seat around. Also attaching and detaching from the base sometimes was a wrestle and not entirely comfortable. I always managed, but there are better systems out there that have more ease of use. Or maybe I just didn’t do it right. Sometimes you just don’t get the hang of individual systems, but others are intuitive to you.

The stroller itself also is lightly on the heavy side. If you are not used to lifting 15+ pounds around you could feel uncomfortable getting it in and out of the trunk of your car. Just keep this in mind when comparing different options. If your not that enthusiastic about lifting a rather heavy frame around, there are better options out there for you to consider.


  • Stroller one hand fold
  • All wheel suspension
  • Great padding on stroller and car seat
  • Nr. 1 rated car seat in America
  • Linked rear brakes
  • Spacious and accesible cargo basket


  • Rather heavy
  • Base Lock can be tricky sometimes
  • Stroller only forward facing

bottom line

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is a great buy. You get a top of the line safety feature rich stroller. The adjustable car seat holds up to 50 lbs which will last you for a while. You won’t have to move to another model quickly when your kid outgrows it fast. Just got to Amazon and read the top review to know why I recommend this stroller carseat combo.

Britax 2017 B-Agile & B-Safe 35

The top-rated car seat stroller in my lineup. This is my first Britax stroller and carseat combo that I have tested. The quality of the Britax components was top notch, and I liked the craft on the manufacturing side. The design itself is sleek and clean. I love it. Nothing fancy but it looks great. Some don’t want to stand out in the crowd, and this is the stroller for them. Of course also with crash test top ratings and certification, I did a thorough test during the 2-week trial usage.


  • One hand compact fold
  • Carseat and stroller reclines
  • All-wheel suspension on stroller


  • SafeCell Impact Protection padding in carseat with side impact protection
  • Impact absorbing base and steel frame
  • Easy adjustable 5 point safety harness for a growing kid

What I like

The Britax B-Agile stroller is very beautifully designed and has a modern appeal. Nothing flashy but rather elegant and sleek. If you want a car seat stroller system that is top of the line you will not be disappointed with this one. I consider the baby stroller to be lightweight compared to the other models.

Of course, I am a big fan of the one-hand fold. The Stroller folds very compact and could not be more convenient. If you travel by car and kid, this system will make it easy for you. The stroller is of high quality and operates very similar to the Chicco Bravo Stroller tested above. The lightweight aluminum frame is significantly lighter than other strollers and provides an exceptional advantage with regards to handling.

A fully reclining seat will help with napping possibilities when out and about. An essential feature as it can make your life considerably easier. Being able to have your kid having a nap in the stroller while you are out and shopping for groceries or going for a walk is excellent. It will allow for more freedom. If you need to be back home in time for the afternoon nap will restrict your possibilities severely.

The large canopy provides for great sun and other element protection. You will still need additional protection such as sun hats or caps and sunscreen for unprotected skin. Never expose the young skin to the direct sunlight. The UV rays will burn the skin and can cause severe long-term damage especially to not fully developed skin with kids.

The carseat installation is getting more relaxed and more comfortable with each model I test. I feel like its becoming so simple that I almost don’t need an instruction. However, I always consult the manual to ensure full use of all safety features and to avoid any odd mistakes. The padding in the seat is excellent, and the harness is adjustable without re-threading! What? Why don’t all manufacturers do this? Seriously? It doesn’t get easier than this. Additionally, there are locks for belt straps in place in case you want to use the car seat without the base. For example, if you travel by a car from someone else and don’t want to switch the station just for a quick ride.

what i don't like

The Britax B-Safe 35 carseat is rather heavy by itself. The whole travel system is light thanks to the stroller, but probably due to the energy absorbing padding, the standalone seat is almost 12 lbs (without the kid!). Now add the weight of the kid, and it can quickly get to 20 pounds or more. Some will have problems carrying this around for more than a few seconds. Transfer from stroller to car tho can be managed very quickly since you can drive the stroller next to the car, so that is not an issue. I would not recommend carrying the carseat from your home to the auto directly though.

Accessories such as rain cover are not included. Be prepared to spend more $ for a full system that will last you for a long time. I would deem a rain cover as mandatory actually for any stroller be it an umbrella or jogging stroller. Why would you not want one? You can always get surprised by rain and want to protect your kid from the elements.

The lock of the carseat to the base is also sometimes a bit tricky. I feel like if I don’t pull at the absolute right angle, it can get sticky and I will have a hard time releasing the seat. But I had this issue with other manufacturers as well, and I am starting to think I could be doing it wrong.


  • One hand stroller compact fold
  • SafeCell carseat padding & side impact protection
  • Impact absorbing base and steel frame
  • Easy maneuver on the stroller
  • XL Storage on the stroller
  • All wheel suspension
  • Full recline on stroller and carseat


  • Very heavy carseat
  • Carseat base handling sometimes a bit tricky
  • No rain cover included - needs separate purchase

bottom line

The Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Elite Travel System is a solid choice and has earned its place as my editors choice in the stroller carseat combos. I liked the stroller with all its features, but the car seat itself was a little heavy to manage. I would deduct a few points on the handling for that, but when you know it, you can adjust and instead drive the stroller next to your car for direct transfer instead of carrying the car seat for longer distances. All in all, I do like this system.

best baby stroller

Baby Jogger City Select and City GO

I have to admit – I am a Baby Jogger fan. Already having reviewed the City Mini GT as a regular stroller I went with the City Mini GT and City GO as a stroller and carseat combo to complete this roundup. The quality of the fabrics and materials used, set a very high standard.


  • One hand compact fold
  • Stroller reclines fully flat
  • Front-wheel suspension and all-terrain wheels (foam filled)


  • Taxi-Safe belt path for installation on the fly without base
  • Super easy and intuitive base installation with level indicators
  • Adjustable 5 point safety harness
city mini stroller

What I like

There are a lot of convincing features that I absolutely love about the stroller and carseat combo. Starting with the usual one-hand fold. This is just so convenient in day to day use that you will dearly miss it if you don’t have it anymore. Going from one review to another and having a stroller without made me realize this. Also, the fold is quite compact and allows for easy transportation in your car making the City Mini GT easy to use for various urban errands such as shopping strolling etc.

The front wheel suspension and foam filled tires are other great features. The foam filled wheels will never leave you with a flat tire that you will need to fix. Having pneumatic air filled wheels has its benefits, but these foam wheels kind of give you the upside of rubber wheels with a little bit of suspension through the foam filling. Also, the stroller is really easy to push and maneuver due to the outstanding quality of the bearings. The stroller glides over many different types of terrains – even the dreaded gravel roads!

Installation and adjustment of the City GO carseat seemed very easy. Just follow the level indicators on the base and adjust with the appropriate latches and levers. This way you can keep the base perfectly level in many different cars with different backseat angles.

The seat is padded with lots of soft foam fabric that will keep your baby comfortable. Also, the seat is a bit wider than the Britax B-Safe 35 for example. This will allow you to hold even a bit chubbier babies. The carseat is very light with only 5.82 lbs. This will provide very easy transport even when loaded with a heavier baby.

Cheery on the top is the really big sun canopy on the carseat. Since you have the carseat rear-facing on the stroller you can extend both canopies (stroller and carseat) to fully cover your child from the sun. It does get a tad hot in the summer however as the material is UPF 50+ but non-breathable. 

What I don't like

One of my biggest gripes with the stroller is the storage option. Yes, there technically is one but getting access is not so easy as it may seem. The compartment itself is big enough to hold a few select necessities, but storing a diaper bag with some of the usual items such as replacement clothes and snacks etc will be a pain to get in and out.

stroller carseat combo

The car seat has a big warning label on the headrest for the baby which I think is not placed very cleverly. I understand the intention of the placement for the warning to be read but it could just as good have been placed on the outside or inside of the canopy fabric for example. I ended up using a small cloth putting it there to provide added comfort for my baby. Also, this is not visible in the ad pictures which I thought misleading. Buyers beware. 

Furthermore, you can’t remove the padding inlay to get more space in case your baby grows quickly. It was not a problem for me but it was a tight fit. I could imagine this being a problem for parents of bigger babies. Why not just do 2 layers of paddings so that one can be removed in case the baby gets bigger? Would make more sense in my opinion.


  • Front wheel suspension and foam filled wheels
  • Stroller seat fully reclines
  • Easy carseat base installation
  • Taxi-Safe belt path for use on the fly without base
  • Best maneuverability


  • Stroller Storage inaccessible
  • Carseat headrest has huge warninglabel
  • Carseat inlay padding not removable

bottom line

Best Umbrella Stroller 2018

By Donna September 9, 2017 Best of reviews

Due to the popular demand of umbrella strollers, I have decided to make a quick and short round-up of the best strollers going into the new year. I want to provide you with the tools to make an informed decision. Be it to purchase a gift for friends or family. Or to buy one for yourself. Knowing what is current and available will hopefully help you with your decision.

Why umbrella strollers

There are obvious advantages when choosing an umbrella stroller over a baby jogger or baby pram. They are much lighter and fold very compact. Especially if you don’t have an SUV to carry around some of the bigger strollers on the market. Sometimes you just need something quick and easy. Folded with one hand and loaded into the trunk of your car.

They are also massively popular when traveling by airplane. Lifting the 25+ pounds onto the safety scanners can be daunting. You already have a toddler to take care of and probably have your hands full. An umbrella stroller will be much easier to handle in this scenario.

umbrella stroller for a newborn?

It is generally not advised to use an umbrella stroller for children under the age of 6 months. This is mainly due to the fact that the strollers don’t fully recline. Your baby usually doesn’t have the strength yet to support it’s own neck and needs to be laid flat when in a stroller. I strongly advise using either a regular stroller or jogging stroller that has built-in newborn features or adapters for newborn bassinets. Dedicated suspension or pneumatic air filled wheels add shock absorption. We don’t want to shake our newborns like a milkshake when strolling outside. Once they have enough neck support you can switch to an umbrella stroller.

Umbrella stroller price and quality

While there are very cheap umbrella strollers available, I would definitely recommend spending a few extra dollars to get some added quality and safety. If you will put your child in a stroller when they get heavier you want to know that the frame and fabrics will take the weight. Also having sufficient comfort and a great safety harness will put your mind at ease. You don’t want the stroller to “fold” under the pressure of heavier kids.

I have researched thoroughly and settled for the 4 best umbrella strollers going into 2018. Please find below comparison and detailed review on every model. Everyone has 4.5 to 5-star ratings in independent reviews.

Graco Breaze Stroller

Weight 18lbs

Capacity 50lbs

Best Price

GB Pockit Light Stroller

Weight 9.5lbs

Capacity 55lbs

Smallest Fold

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller

Weight 14lbs

Capacity 55lbs

Best Reviews

BabyZen YoYo+ Stroller

Weight 13lbs

Capacity 40lbs


Graco Breaze Click Connect

The Graco Breaze is undoubtedly the best bang for your buck. You get quality features for a very modest price. Graco produces great strollers that appeal to many parents. I picked this model as there are many good reviews about it. I wanted to test it for myself and see if what I like or don’t like about it.


  • Front wheels with suspension and lockable swivels
  • Large Canopy with UPF 50 + protection
  • Reclining seat (fully flat possible)
  • Graco ClickConnect compatible


  • Five point harness
  • Parking brake foot activated
best umbrella stroller

what i like

For the list price of 149 $ the Graco Stroller provides a real value power pack! There is much to like. I really liked the front wheel suspension. It provided great shock absorption and gave a very smooth ride. The frame is very sturdy and definitely holds even the heavier children without any issue. The canopy is on the bigger side compared to other umbrella strollers and is rated for UPF 50+ protection. You will still need to cover the feet and hands of the baby and use sun protection cream though, as the canopy never fully covers the baby.

The ClickConnect feature allows for attaching any of the Graco infant car seats. This is a huge bonus if you already own one. Clever design! Further hitting this curb is the fact that the Graco Breaze fully reclines. Technically this allows for children under the age of 6 months. I’d still recommend as per above to go with strollers that offer dedicated newborn features. 

The maneuverability was good. I did only test on asphalt or sidewalks though. So I don’t have any comparison to my other reviews that went off track a lot.

what i don't like

The stroller itself is rather on the heavy side for an umbrella stroller weighing 18 pounds (almost double the lightest stroller in this round-up). But you can’t expect high-tech fiber alloy that reduces weight from a stroller in this price range. Still easily manageable if you ask me. Way lighter than any of the normal prams or joggers that I tested.

What really got on my nerves is the fold lock. That just doesn’t work at all. The stroller always opened while I was carrying it when folded and closed. This was super annoying. Not a deal breaker but enough for me to rant here. Graco please fix it!

The cupholder that comes included seems nice at first. But the stroller when folded rests on the cupholder and puts force on it. I used the stroller for not even 2 weeks and got the cupholder really warped. Bummer, I can’t resell for good value with this and need to make a discount. 


  • One-hand fold
  • Sturdy frame
  • Fully reclines
  • Easy fold / unfold
  • Dedicated Suspension for smooth ride


  • Heavy for an umbrella stroller
  • Folding Lock doesn't hold
  • Handles not adjustable in height
  • If used with carseat adapter storage not accessible

bottom line

For the price, the Graco Breaze provides very good value and features. You can’t expect the most stylish pram but this one will do its job perfectly. If you’re on a tight budget, look no further.

GB pockit stroller

The worlds smallest folding stroller. Wow, that really intrigued me. I had to test this one for the round-up. There are so many situations where space is scarce and you wish you had a means of transportation for your little one. Believe me, within a few months they do grow heavy and carrying them around quickly becomes a chore. Alright, let’s see what the Pockit has to offer.


  • Worlds smallest folding stroller
  • Very very lightweight with 9.5 lbs
  • Yet very sturdy with max weight capacity 55 lbs


  • Padded five-point harness
  • Parking brake foot activated
best umbrella stroller

what i like

Well, what is not to like with this stroller? There are so many great features. Let’s start with the glorious fold. Wow, I have never seen such a compact fold. The claim in the intro definitely holds up. This is a big deal for many people. Not everybody has an SUV being able to load tons of cargo in the trunk. Going for grocery shopping with your toddler? Think twice if your gonna have enough trunk space. Not with the Pockit stroller. It will allow you to pack your trunk with your purchases and store the stroller folded on the back seat.

Another advertised feature is the carry-on possibility for airplane travel. I am a bit skeptical in this regard. During my 2 week test, I did not go a plane travel. Therefore I can’t comment on this. My common sense would say that I would check this ahead of the gate if they allow it as a carry-on. I do see the benefit though. Travelling with a toddler is messy and demanding. Imagining being able to pull the stroller from the overhead bin and assemble to walk out the plane with the kid inside? Priceless! Not having to worry about damages or losses caused by the airline is also great. But again, probably best to check with your carrier first as I have read not all allow for in-cabin transport.

The fold really is not that hard once you tried it for a few times. No, it’s not that intuitive as with other prams but as with all in life. Practice a bit and you will get the hang of it. I found the folding to be quite easy after a few days and really liked the ease of it.

And the Pockit definitely is a lightweight. Weighing in at only 9.5 lbs this is the lightest stroller in this round-up and the lightest I ever had in my hands. It won’t get any easier to handle than this. If your not that tall and strong this can be really important.

what i don't like

Every medal has its flip side. So does the Pockit Stroller. Even though advertised as sturdy I felt it be a bit finicky when opened. The ride was smooth, yes but even the slightest bump or crack in the pavement and the stroller shook a lot. This is to be expected tho as no dedicated shock absorbers are installed. Also being this lightweight the frame can’t be as sturdy as the Graco Breaze for example.

The fact that the handlebars are not adjustable also is not very convenient. With them being at 40″ height my husband who is 6′ 4″ had to hunch over to steer the stroller. He did not like it and felt very uncomfortable after a while. Consider this before buying.

Having a very small fold also doesn’t allow for the storage basket to be very big. However, this is a characteristic of most umbrella strollers. Just don’t plan on storing all your stuff there and you’ll be fine. The cargo will hold the occasional diaper bag and other random items.

Also, the sunshade did not really convince me. It just isn’t big enough to really give sun protection. But in any case, you should always also protect your kid by covering with fabrics and sunscreen. The skin of the children is still very thin and damage this early will haunt them later and can cause serious problems. Be responsible and give your kid the gift of a healthy skin.


  • Worlds smallest fold
  • Possible Airplane carry-on
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Highest carry capacity in this round-up
  • Easy fold and unfold


  • No rain cover
  • Handlebar not adjustable and low
  • Very small sunshade (additional protection needed)

bottom line

Considering all of the above the Pockit provides unique features that are not found elsewhere. If you are reliant on an ultra lightweight and small fold stroller look no further. It does have it’s tradeoffs though.

uppababy g-luxe stroller

The G-Luxe is one of the most reviewed and coveted umbrella strollers currently on the market. It made its way into my best of umbrella strollers, not by surprise. The feature-rich and quality of the stroller does give very much value. Wich in turn, of course, is reflected in a higher buying price. The design is clean and modern – not bulky at all.


  • Easy fold and unfold
  • Extendable sun canopy
  • Detachable seat fabric washable


  • Five-point harness
  • One step parking brake
  • Extendable UPF 50+ sun canopy
best umbrella stroller

what i like

The G-Luxe is a quality umbrella stroller. I get this “quality” feel when closely inspecting this stroller. No visible defects of any sort. I really like the design. Clean and slim. The low center of gravity paired with the smooth running wheels provide for great maneuverability. Of course, you can’t compare it to regular strollers with regards to smoothness but that’s not the point of an umbrella stroller. The G-Luxe even sports 4 wheel suspension that does its job remarkably well for their size. You still have to pay attention where your strolling. Bumpy sidewalks still shake the stroller quite a bit but your kid will feel considerably more comfortable than without any shock absorption.

Pretty good seat recline. It doesn’t go all the way down but it reclines a fair bit. Your child will be able to take a nap in the stroller and be quite comfortable. My boy had no problem staying in the stroller for two to three hours if he was tired enough. The good padding and the padded harness also seemed very comfortable. At least my kid never complained about it and he probably would have if it’s not. Together with the recline, you can also adjust the foot and calf rest which gives even more comfort.

Included cup holder – well not really important. But it’s free well take it!

I did however really like the suspension on all wheels. They are not big and are not pneumatic or heavy duty springs. But they do absorb incoming shocks to a certain degree. This is big for an umbrella stroller. They usually suffer from missing suspension and very small wheels. But that’s the trade-off for having a lighter frame and a more compact fold. So having at least some degree of suspension really is a good feature in my opinion.

what i don't like

No security bar to keep your kid inside. Yes, of course, you strap your kid in with the harness and technically it is enough. But having the added security bar really is an additional safety measure and jumpy kids can be restrained to a certain degree. Also, I usually clip on toys and his sippy cup with a special clip I made. I would prefer having a belly bar.

The storage option is literally nonexistent for me. Although there is an under-seat pouch you can barely access it. The size of the pouch would be okay. But due to the inaccessible nature, the obvious diaper bag and other belongings that you will have with you can’t really be stored there. Hanging the diaper bag from the handles is also not an option because it will skew the center of gravity and the stroller will tip over. 

Although the fold is easy and the stroller stands alone when folded – it is not very compact. Even having a bigger car the G-Luxe takes away lots of space. The very reason to buy an umbrella stroller is to have a compact fold and lightweight frame in my opinion.

Now as I said earlier the suspension is really noticeable versus other umbrella strollers. But they are not able to really provide great suspension. Just don’t plan on using this on anything other than pavement or smooth sidewalks. Your kid will be in for a bumpy ride! Do not even think about using it on cobblestone.


  • Lightweight
  • One hand recline to various positions
  • Extendable canopy UPF 50+
  • Single foot activated parking brake
  • Great padding in seating and harness
  • Included cup holder


  • No compact fold
  • Difficult ot push on uneven terrain
  • Fixed handlebar height
  • Difficult to access storage option

bottom line

The bottom line is that the Uppababy G-Luxe is a great stroller with its own drawbacks. It is up to you to decide if the features convince you. If you live in a rather urban area and need it for quick and easy transport it is a good stroller of great quality.

babyzen 2016 yoyo+

We arrive at the final review in for the best umbrella strollers. You are in for a treat. Even though the Babyzen YoYo+ is the most expensive umbrella stroller I really convinced by the features it provides. Babyzen was founded in France with the urban environment in mind, which is clearly apparent looking at the features.

I don’t want to take too much away so let’s dive right into the review. This is the 2016 model with the latest revision (larger canopy, larger storage, and frame rework).


  • Super simple and compact fold
  • Four wheel suspension
  • Two dedicated storage options (pouch and basket)
  • Raincover included


  • Five-point harness
  • Foot activated parking brake
  • Extendable UPF 50+ sun canopy
best umbrella stroller

what i like

First and foremost – the fold. It’s absolutely amazing how small this frame can fold. Does it fold as small as the Pockit? No, but very close. It is in fact as small as it can fit into overhead bins in airplanes. As with the Pockit, I still advise contacting your carrier pre-flight to verify if they will allow an in-cabin transport. Every Airline has its own rules (hello United). The big advantage is driving the kid to the seat, and having your kid already back in the stroller the moment you leave the plane. And whoever traveled with a stroller before knows that they usually get stored in the cargo compartment of the plain, and not uncommon have gotten lost. Especially if traveling on connecting flights.

The 4 wheels are surprisingly all suspended and actually contribute to a rather smooth ride. I said this before with the Uppababy G-Luxe this is not the norm with umbrella strollers. The suspensions are not pneumatic or huge but they do really provide some added shock absorption which is always appreciated. However, as with all umbrella strollers, don’t go off-track or even dare to go on cobblestone. It will be very unpleasant for your little passenger and they will let you know for sure.

This 2016 model received some upgrades to the previous revisions such as lager canopy that is adjustable to 2 positions fully extended. And a larger storage in total counting the backseat pouch and under seat basket. They can together hold approximately 11 lbs which I consider actually a lot for its size.

The seat reclines through a clip and a strap to various positions. This is always good to give your kid a napping possibility when out and about. Sometimes you will need it and being able to count on your stroller to provide this is very good. Also, the revision on the 2016 model provided additional padding to the seat which further increases the comfort.

In case you want to use the stroller there is also a newborn bassinet that can be mounted to the frame. This needs to be purchased separately but fits onto the same frame.

What I don't like

As with the G-Luxe, I am missing some features that are apparent on regular strollers such as a belly bar. I just feel that there is an added layer of protection. Once my kid figures out how to open the harness he could jump out – I know he will. If nothing holds him back he will run like Forrest Gump.

The push felt a bit awkward in the beginning. I guess it’s due to the fact that the front wheels are a bit more extended then the rear wheels. But I got used to it very quickly.

As with all tested Strollers, I feel the canopy just to be insufficient. They do their job but just aren’t big enough. I always see that my boy’s legs are covered with long pants even when it’s hot (light fabrics) and sunscreen for all exposed body parts such as arms and hands. The skin is still very thin and fragile so long exposure to the sun can really damage the skin of the kids. This needs to be avoided at all costs.


  • Easy and compact fold
  • 4 wheel suspension
  • Raincover included
  • Seating recline
  • Very lightweight
  • Airline friendly
  • Great maneuver on flat surfaces


  • Rather expensive
  • Handlebar not adjustable
  • Only for urban areas

bottom line

best umbrella stroller
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