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Thule Chariot Lite

By Donna July 28, 2017 Chariot Strollers

I finally got my chariot shipped a few days ago. I was very excited waiting for the delivery to arrive and to finally start this review. The unboxing and assembly of the chariot went very smooth. Thule actually provided very useful assembly instructions.


Thule Chariot Lite has multi-purpose use that leaves little room for desire. It’s gorgeous. The craft on this stroller is top notch. I already got to appreciate this on the Thule Urban Glide, and I get the same feeling with the Chariot Lite.

High-grade materials and fabric. No damages are visible at seams or any other materials. The construction seems very sturdy and well thought out to me. The unboxing and assembly of the chariot went very smooth. Thule provided handy assembly instructions. Attention to detail is the name of the game here.

After two weeks of extensive testing, the stroller looks like new. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. I did an approximate mileage of 25 miles plus and had a genuine testing experience. There are a few drawbacks, let’s get to them later on.


The most significant plus for this stroller has to be the possibility to modify for four different uses. You can change for biking, jogging, strolling and even skiing. Okay, skiing is not on the top of my requirements list but hey – if it’s there ill gladly take it. You don’t have to buy the skiing set if you don’t need it.

With a weight of 25.8 lb, I still consider this chariot to be lightweight. The wheel and bearings are of high quality. The glide ability and maneuverability is excellent. You can turn the chariot on the spot without issues. This will help navigate in tight spaces. That was surprising. I would have expected this to be more on the heavy side as compared to the regular strollers or other joggers.

To fully test the capabilities of the Chariot Lite I ordered it together with the jogging kit and the additional brakes. To seriously do off track jogging and test the functionality I would need the features. Going jogging without a handbrake is just dangerous in my opinion. I was really pleased with the shock absorbers and the rubber wheels. They absorbed all the incoming shocks and provided me with an excellent running experience. I really enjoyed those runs.

I went for three 5-mile runs through the forest (on gravel trail) and two bicycle trips to the park. At the park, I switched to the stroller kit and met with friends for a casual stroll.

The handling was really great. Switching from bicycle to the stroller mode is really easy and made with only a few tweaks. I was really impressed by the ease to change on the fly. The chariot was super lightweight and I had no problems whatsoever with cycling. I barely noticed the chariot. At some times I even started checking if it still was attached.


I have to say disappointing for me is that the jogging kit (and the skiing kit) needs to be purchased separately. For a product with high-end pricing, I would expect at least the jogger to be included as well. The skiing kit I see that only few will use it, but the jogging option is probably a big reason why you would buy this chariot.

The storage pouch also did not entirely convince me. It is sufficient for storing some belongings or items that you want to carry along. The “Big Brother” Thule Chariot Cross has an XL Pouch that will be much more satisfactory than this solution. It does come with a higher price tag though.


I have to say, another big let down for me is the extended brake system. There is an additional handle brake that is available but it needs to be purchased separately. And it’s not cheap. You will have to fork out another 100 $ for a feature that I would expect included with a premium chariot. Not even the big brother, the Thule Chariot Cross, has this brake included. Any serious jogger will need this for when you are going downhill you need braking possibilities from other than the parking brake.


Wrist strap included securing the unit to yourself. This is important for serious jogging and off-track usage.


Five point safety harness padded for additional comfort.


Parking brake included, foot activated. There is an optional handbrake which I definitely recommend to joggers at the very least.


Let’s see some opinions from other buyers on the Thule Chariot Lite.

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

I am very happy w/ my Chariot Lite. I use it mostly for running on gravel trails and am very pleased with how easy it is to push. I like that it’s a bit more lightweight than the Cross but was worried that the suspension may not be sufficient. So far I think the suspension works just fine though. Note that older Thule infant slings are not 100% compatible with the new Chariot line, but you can get them to work with a bit of patience and trial and error.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

The best $800 I’ve spent in probably ever. Used 5x week, concrete, grass, dirt, gravel, hills, bumps- HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

The Thule Chariot Lite is a pretty fantastic, but expensive, package for anyone that is looking to cycle. The Cycle/Stroller combo does allow for the Chariot to be simply a stroller, but that’s not really why anyone should purchase this. The cycle hitch is why you’re purchasing the Chariot lite, and that is where the buggy truly excels. The chariot attaches easily and securely and trails behind a bike without issue. When riding, you barely notice it.

bottom line

Well, where to start. The Thule Chariot Lite is a remarkable product. Compared to some other jogging strollers I have reviewed it is very high-end manufacturing. Starting at the materials going over to the quality assembly, this is a top of the line chariot.

However, there are some caveats to it. For a chariot in this league, I would expect at least the hand brakes and the jogging kit to be included. After all the Thule brand advertises their safety standards as a critical selling point. I loved all the tested features (strolling, jogging, and cycling). I can recommend from this perspective. I just would have wished for essential elements to be included out of the box.

If you can look past the whole required upgrades, I recommend this high-end chariot for its various uses. From the sturdy but lightweight frame, the adjustable shock absorbers to the ability to change on the fly. The Thule Chariot Lite is a beautiful piece of equipment and really high quality. You can purchase the Thule Chariot Lite here on Amazon.

Burley Kids Honey Bee

By Donna May 1, 2017 Chariot Strollers

Due to the popularity of the Burley Kids Honey Bee decided to review this chariot as well. Initially, I did not want to do a review because I only wanted to review strollers/chariots with a minimal jogging ability. Due to the missing front wheels, i did not consider the Burley Honey Bee a valid candidate.

That being said I did stumble on this chariot by chance through research. From various reviews on Amazon apparently, the chariot is very much capable of jogging as well. I wanted to see for myself if the Burley Kids Honey Bee can hold up with pure joggers or the Thule Chariots with modification.


As usual, I begin with a general description and first impression. I do like the production value. The materials feel like quality. All seams are sewn properly and I can’t see any defect in first sight.

The visual appeal is very similar to the Thule models, which is a plus in my books. I like the sleek and modern designs. There are unfortunately no color choices. Each Burley model has one distinct color. The feel is a bit more basic and sporty than the Thule models but that is not negative. The chariot is meant for the outdoors and it fits perfectly for that application.


Alright now to my experiences with the Burley Honey Bee chariot. After the delivery arrived, I opened and assembled the chariot. I always do this without the help of my husband. It was straightforward to put together all parts, and I never had the feeling that I was lost (unlike I do with every IKEA furniture – LOL).

Regarding the maneuverability, I was delighted. Not as good as my other reference model (Thule Chariot Lite) but still very much adequate. The pneumatic air filled wheels provide added suspension! I usually push the strollers around on the gravel pathway outside in my garden to test this. The Burley Honey Bee passed this test very well.

The main functionality is the bicycle attachment. I was able to connect to my bike very quickly on the fly with the arm mechanism. I went for a ride for approx 3 miles to a little trail in the forest. The chariot is very sturdy but lightweight in my opinion. I did not notice it even when loaded with my boy and some supplies (snacks and drinks for the little one). The tires and bearings are of good quality. There was no squeaking or rustling.

Function Switch

Upon arrival at the trail, I disconnected the chariot and went on a 2-mile walk. It’s one of my favorite walking trails in the forest. A nice quick circle that measures almost exactly 2 miles. I went there often before getting pregnant and having a baby. I was not that impressed. The Strolling kit does the job, and the 20″ wheels help with absorbing some of the shocks. But the front wheel is too small in my opinion to provide enough support for this type of activity. It was okay but not a great experience.

The storage options are great. Compared to the Thule Chariot you have more space, and it’s not attached from the outside but slightly behind and below the child seating. This also protects your belongings further from elements such as heat and rain.

The chariot is also already delivered with a double seating possibility. A bit unpractical if you only have one kid because you cant seat it in the middle due to the seating system. It does not provide to place the passenger in the center for example, which other models and brands do provide. The seat itself is not padded and is similar to a hammock. I would have preferred a bit more padding and eventually a reclining possibility, for the case you want to have your kid sleeping in the chariot. I have done this various times with my jogging stroller and dearly appreciate this.


The roll cage protection is the most compelling safety feature for me on the Burley Honey Bee. When the chariot is closed the handlebar is folded to the front to close the roll cage completely. This will protect your passenger in case of any accident. Of course, we all hope that we will not need this feature. But it is a very clever feature in my opinion.

I would however always advise on having your kids wearing a bicycle helmet when transporting with a chariot. Sometimes you can go very fast with the bike and underestimate the gravity forces in case of an accident.


UPF 30 fabric to protect your passenger from dangerous UV Light.


5 point harness to safely secure your passenger.


Hub engaged parking brake.

Roll cage

The first chariot with a full internal aluminum roll cage. Fully protect your kid in case of an accident!


Let’s see some reviews from online retailers. What do other parents think about it?

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

We love it, and it’s almost perfect. I’m also happy we didn’t skimp and go with something cheaper, because I really like the build quality. The convertible stroller design didn’t seem useful at first, given we have an actual jogging stroller. But that feature actually is very useful if you need to transport your child in a bind, and I use it every time we go out because we store our bikes in another location. Lots of storage space in the back. Perfect for camera kits, picnic supplies, etc. The stroller loses one star for lack of padding, we use Baby-BeeHaven Cush n’ Go Memory Foam Stroller Cushion Liner, Malibu Stripes to compensate. And it could really use some light shock absorption.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Let me first tell you that I did a lot of research like most parents do when buying something like this for their children. I looked into the insight and several other less expensive trailers. I can honestly say that this trailer is amazing and so worth the price. It is a lot more space for the kids than the other brands. The storage is great very easy to assemble and store. It feels very sturdy. For me, it exceeded every expectation. So far after about ten trips, I have no cons to this trailer. Well, i guess the one negative is that my kids get upset when we’re home and its time for them to get out it. They really enjoy being in it. Another cool item is the tire/rims. Come on and off with ease with a push of the bottom. Very happy with my purchase. I feel very secure taking them in this trailer. Yes, it is more expensive but you get what u pay for. When it comes to my kids it’s worth every penny.

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

Easier to pull than I ever imagined!
We have taken the burley out 3 – 4 times and love it! We bought a second attachment piece so there is one on both my husband and my bike, this makes it easy to switch who is pulling. I was worried it didn’t have a sun strip but that hasn’t been a problem. I am very happy with the quick release on the wheels. It fits in the car top box or I can put a seat down in my Subaru Outback and put that with a bike in the trunk. I do wish it would recline a bit, even though there is a helmet “bucket” my daughter (29 months) looks uncomfortable with her head tilted forward. She doesn’t complain though, and she is more than capable of letting us know when she is uncomfortable. She seems to love it!

Bottom Line

The Burley Honey Bee seems as a very solid choice for the active parent that goes for a lot of bicycle trips. Perfect if you are planning for camping holidays at a lake. You will love the plenty of storage space the chariot offers.

If you plan to go jogging or just regular strolling a lot I would, however, recommend other brands for those features. But you can say this is my personal preference here. In case you want to buy the Burley Honey Bee you can do it here on Amazon.

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