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By Donna March 16, 2017 Jogging Strollers

Being a running addict before I got pregnant made me do this blog. I was running for 3-5 times per week to stay in shape and get some balance in my busy work and private life. I always lived in the suburbs with beautiful trails available within a few minutes travel. Going out into nature for a hike or running my favorite trail gave me a sense of accomplishment and psychological satisfaction.

After getting pregnant, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to continue with my hobby. Or at the very least not for the time being until my kid would reach a certain age where I would have enough free time again to pick it up. Researching all the different baby strollers and various types of pushchairs that have been on the market nowadays, I quickly realized I could keep my hobby alive and even better, incorporate my kid into it.

Spending lot’s of time and money into buying baby gear and an appropriate stroller I got very excited to go back to running with my kid being 8 Months old. I immediately started getting an improved mood and self-confidence. Those postnatal hormones are something. But not only for myself but also for my baby I began seeing benefits. I guess it’s due to being out in the fresh air and the quick motion and momentum that helps them and soothes them. If I had troubles getting my boy to bed, I would either go for a casual stroll or a few miles run. I started very small and began improving. He usually fell asleep 5 minutes out of the door.

I hope this blog can help you guys out there when researching what stroller is the perfect fit for you. Be it a jogging stroller, a regular stroller or even a bicycle chariot. There is a fitting model for every parent out there. Some models also have great features across different categories.

Should you miss a model that you want to have reviewed, please register on the top right sidebar of this blog and send me a private message or comment below. I will gladly consider for the upcoming reviews.

The Thule Urban Glide

By Donna August 27, 2017 Jogging Strollers

Wow – what a quality stroller. In this review, will provide an in-depth look at the Thule Urban Glide – the newest addition to the high-end Jogger Strollers from Thule. There are so much 4+ star ratings that can be found all over the internet. I took the decision to try out the Thule Urban Glide mainly to see if all the ratings are true. Thule is supposed to be expert in Safety and Quality. Two properties that we all are looking for in a baby stroller.


I ordered the Thule black version. Upon receiving & unboxing, I am astonished by the quality and feel of the materials. The seams and general manufacturing have done an excellent job. It screams quality all over! Out of all the reviewed strollers, this is by far the one that provides the most quality feel so far.

It looks amazing. Very sleek and no unnecessary details. Straight to the point. The fabric has a very comfortable touch. The frame is slightly narrow compared to the BOB Gear Strollers. What a great design. I love it.


The stroller weighs in at 23 lb. I’d therefore instead tend to call it lightweight. By far my favorite feature, the one hand folding, is found on this stroller as well. I love this. One grab and your good to go. The light frame just adds for easy handling.

The Thule Urban Glide features a 12″ front swivel and 16″ inch rear pneumatic air-filled wheels. This construction was done with the serious jogger in mind. The additional, designated suspension on the rear wheels absorb the massive shocks. Going off the path was never inconvenient! Just keep the potential maintenance in mind that comes with air-filled tires. You could have a flat tire and need to replace. I’ve had this before, and it can be annoying.

The seating features a ventilated area on top to provide fresh air to the little passenger. Very clever in my opinion, to avoid heating up and provide excellent airflow to the seated child. Also special to mention is the zipper on the storage compartment. It’s the first time I see this on a stroller. This will keep your belongings dry even when jogging out in wet weather conditions. Nifty feature.

The Thule Urban Glide is extendable with additional options. For example, you can extend the base frame with a baby bassinet for a newborn. You can save serious bank if you research this upfront having your baby.

I didn’t do enough research before our son Jackson was born. Hence my husband and I ended up buying a regular stroller with baby bassinet first and needed a jogger stroller later as our requirements changed while Jackson was aging to a toddler. Had I done this, in the beginning, we could have saved hundreds of dollars. This is why I like the modular systems.

Another honorable mention would be accessories. Usually, I am not big on buying tons of add-ons, but the rain cover deserves to be presented. The cover is somewhat inexpensive and provides such great value. You will end up going for runs, strolls or just walks, outside when the weather is not great. Your kid or kids will need fresh air. When they scream from the top of their lungs, you will do anything to get them quiet again. When my boy has a freakout, and he does have them regularly, I grab all the gear, and we go on a 2-hour walk, or I do a small jogging session. Immediately he will be either sleeping or giggle and enjoy the view.


Hands down the most important in my reviews are brakes and wrist-straps. The Thule Urban Glide does come with an included wrist-strap. If you go on regular jogging sessions and preferably off track, you will know why a strap is a lifesaver. In case you trip and fall you want the stroller attached to yourself so it won’t roll away putting your kid in harm’s way. If a stroller does not come with one included I always encourage my friends and family to DIY one from anything they have available at home. Everybody has random cords, lace, braids or any sort of string lying around they can transform into a wrist wrap if they go seriously off-track jogging.

Rather disappointing is that the Thule Urban Glide has no handbrake. This takes away a very important feature for serious jogging. This, even more, emphasizes the need for a wrist strap.


5 point padded harness for maximal comfort and safety while driving.


Adjustable to various positions to accommodate parents of different heights.


All used materials lead free


Parking brakes for both rear wheels  foot activated


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

We don’t jog, but we use this stroller for everything else:
-It fits through the x-ray machine at all airports if you quickly collapse it and take the wheels off, then is easy to gate check.

-We take it off-roading on hikes if the trail is not super skinny. I know this isn’t a recommended use, but it can handle some rough terrain if needed.

-Our baby naps in it every day. You can lay the back almost completely flat and it is suspended so it’s very comfortable for our baby.

I would recommend taking it to a bike shop and having tire sealant added since they are real pneumatic tires. I keep between 15-20 psi for a pretty cushy ride. They suspension helps a lot too. There’s also a screw that kept coming loose on ours, it just needed Loctite on the threads, which a bike shop can do too.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Where has this jogger been all my parenting life? I’ve made do with a typical stroller with four wheels for years, but given how much running I do it’s ridiculous I didn’t look into getting a good jogger earlier on. If you’re running a lot and have a little one to take along, they’ll love it. My two year old has fallen asleep twice in it already on longer runs of 8+ miles.

This stroller is fantastic- just the right combo of room for the little passenger, a sunshade, bonus storage room underneath, great running clearance for feet, an adjustable handlebar, shocks!, and the locking front wheel (with an adjustable knob for left or right drag). Great quality, and for a very fair price. We’ve even taken to bringing it as our town stroller as well since it handles so smoothly. One minor concern (nothing is perfect) is that it’s not ultra-collapsible, so if you’re looking for something highly portable this might not fit the bill. But the trade-off is totally worth it in our book. You won’t be disappointed in this stroller!

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

We love this combo. The car seat clipping into the stroller is so handy when my little one was first born. We fell in love with the color, which was perfect Miami Heat colors, lol. Very safe padded seat. The stroller has the big jogging tires which make for such a smooth ride even if you are just walking normally. The tires allow you to hit bumps and it doesn’t jolt your little one about

bottom line

To sum up, I had the best two weeks using this jogging stroller. It was great going on long runs or leisure strolls with my boy. He was always very comfortable and never complained to me. I enjoyed the various safety features, the general handling and gliding ability was just enjoyable. I can wholeheartedly recommend this jogger stroller for both running, but also if you use it for everyday errands and grocery shopping.

The only letdown here is the missing handbrake that I missed when going on steep slopes while running. Just make sure to wear a wrist strap in any case.

I wholeheartedly recommend this jogger stroller for both running and just for everyday use running errands and grocery shopping. If you want you can buy the stroller here on Amazon.

The BOB Sport Utility

By Donna June 22, 2017 Jogging Strollers

The BOB sports utility stroller is yet another popular release from the BOB Gear brand, known for its quality and outdoor features. I have already reviewed the Revolution Pro in an earlier review. I wanted to review this model too as it has differentiated features from the other strollers that may be exactly what you are looking for. Let’s get to the details. 


The look and feel are very similar to the Revolution, with high-end materials and quality finish. Lovely design, modern and fresh colors are available. I went with Meadow green.

I very much liked the utilized materials. As with the BOB Revolution Pro, the manufacturing quality seems very high. No open or damaged seam, all connecting elements are in place. The look itself is even more “sporty” than the Revolution Pro. Myself, I like it more understated and elegant, but to each their own.



The framework on this stroller is a high strength aluminum alloy. The child’s seat is 15 inches wide, 21 inches long and 10 inches deep. The stroller makes a very sturdy impression. It does not bend or warp quickly and definitely, can take a lot of shocks from running on uneven terrain.

The framework on this stroller is a high strength aluminum alloy. The child’s seat is 15 inches wide, 21 inches long and 10 inches deep. The stroller makes a very sturdy impression. It does not bend or warp quickly and definitely, can take a lot of shocks from running on uneven terrain.

The best feature of this jogging stroller is by far the dedicated suspension. These shock absorbers are fully pneumatic and absorb almost all impacts on the rear wheel axle. Having great suspension is essential when jogging with your stroller as you will come across cracks or holes in sidewalks for urban routes, and most definitely roots or stones on gravel trails when off-track.

Storage includes two interior seat pockets perfect to keep juice plus toys for your little one within arms reach of both you and your child. Other options are the easily accessible storage pouch on the back of the seat as well as a roomy cargo basket underneath the seat. This stroller can hold 70 lbs. In daily usage, I have found the storage to be adequate. It’s not through the roof but sufficient to carry your belongings for everyday errands and long-running sessions. It is also easily accessible as the frame is not obstructing the access to deposit or remove.


As with the Revolution Pro, the wrist-strap is a must have security feature in my opinion. If you’re going downhill fast, you want to be sure the stroller is safely attached to you in case you trip and fall.

Check out the individual features on the right. Special mention should be the adjustable pneumatic suspension. Out of all my tested strollers so far it’s the first I encountered with it. I like it! I thoroughly checked it on gravel and off-road tracks. The rides were perfectly smooth and enjoyable for both my kid and me.


Pneumatic adjustable suspension.


5 point harness to secure your passenger safely.

Added padding to give even more comfort.


Parking brake (foot activated) to secure while stationary.

Handbrake to stop momentum when jogging or going downhill.


Wrist strap to attach the stroller to yourself – in case you lose grip or trip and fall.


Let’s see some reviews from online retailers. What do other parents think about it?

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

Great product, excellent on trails, sturdy, and the shock absorbers provide a smooth carriage ride. I gave it 4 stars, due to the front tire does not offer a turning feature unlike other Bob models; if you find yourself just pushing it around on the sidewalk you may quickly realize that want to have a front wheel that turns. This model does have a Braking system which I only use once in a while but found it handy when going down hills jogging. If you are a runner you won’t be disappointed with this product, however, if you plan to stroll around get one that has a turning front wheel. Also, there is a car seat adapter which allows for infant use! If you have limited storage space as I do, it is not the easiest product to conceal and still have not found a way to securely hang it out of the way. With all that said, the drawbacks are minimal and I highly recommend this product.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

So far we love this. I don’t maneuver in tight areas as well as our City Select but we got this for being active outdoors, not for maneuvering downtown or in stores.

★★★ 3 out of 5 stars

I love this, but it’s impossible to turn. I know guides front wheel can be helpful when running, but it would be nice to be able to take the guidance off.

Bottom Line

BOB Revolution Pro

By Donna July 22, 2016 Jogging Strollers

If you are an active parent, you will probably be looking for a feature rich and top quality jogging stroller. Surely you have heard of BOB Strollers. A brand that specializes in providing plenty of features for jogging strollers and sports outstanding designs. Let’s find out if the BOB Revolution Pro has to offer.

Consistent top ratings and reviews on Amazon for the Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller got me very excited to try out this model for myself. I finally received the stroller and am happy to provide you with my insights.


The design truly appeals to me. It’s beautiful and sleek. I ordered the black model, and it fits my running and workout attire that usually consists of black, grey, neon colors. Of course, other colors are available, but black is more universally matching my clothes in my opinion. Different available colors are Meadow Black, Lagoon Black, and Canyon Black.

The look of the Bob Revolution Pro is sporty. BOB Gears managed to get the sports vibe apparent in the design. The way the stroller works is smart. Except for the folding mechanism which could be more comfortable. It’s not backbreaking, but others have this done better or more straightforward.

The materials used feel high end. I have not found any defects on my units such as open seams or any other bent or broken levers. I perform these checks on every newly received shipment. Manufacturing is never 100% perfect, so you need to check thoroughly. Defects can happen to even the most high-end models. If you have a defective unit, immediately contact the customer care and negotiate the terms or return it and request a replacement unit.


The BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller has sturdy 12-inch pneumatic wheels designed to hit the ground running. For running and off-road use, the wheels can lock in place. Air filled tires are really what you want for running, but keep in mind that it can mean additional required maintenance. You can easily get a flat tire for running over glass-shards or other sharp debris lying around.

My verdict on the maneuverability is outstanding. The sturdy wheels and the suspension leave the impression of the stroller gliding over any terrain. Be it pavement or off track. This really surprised me as the stroller is rather on the heavy side weighing 28.2lb.

The dedicated shock absorbers are definitely a highlight on the BOB Strollers. These are of the highest quality to be found on any baby stroller or jogging stroller. This will provide a much smoother ride when going off track and really convinced me for its jogging feature.

Due to the weight of the stroller, the folding and handling can be a bit difficult if you are very small – but you will get used to it and learn how to master. As with everything you will do on a daily basis. I did not find this to be considered as a downside.


The wrist strap is hands down one of my favorite features. It may not sound as necessary, but there are situations where it can come in as a life-saver (downhill jogging). If the strollers I have been using did not have this I usually just took any random cord lying around and made a DIY wrist strap for myself. Too big is the fear of running downhill and accidentally tripping and letting go of the stroller.


Wrist strap to secure stroller to yourself.ents


padded 5 point harness to safely secure your infant in place.


One Foot-activated parking brake.

handbrake on the handlebar for downhill jogging.


Here some reviews of other parents. Let’s see what they have to say about the BOB Revolution Pro.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Absolutely love this stroller. As a new mom it took me a little bit to figure out how to collapse and deploy it but once I got that figured out I take this stroller EVERYWHERE. I prefer it over my Britax B-Agile 3 90% of the time, outside of going to drs appointments. If you intend to use with the infant car seat (B-Safe 35) make sure youget the BOB Britax Car Seat Adapter as well. Does great on trails and rough terrain, baby sleeps soundly while I get in a good run or hike.

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

I was done trying to get a good deal on a stroller, so I splurged and bought the one with best reviews. I wanted high weight capacity and a smooth ride. It comfortably holds kids of all sizes. About a few days into using the stroller, I noticed a slight wobble on the front wheel. It’s super annoying now because I know it’s there, so unless I lock it, it feels like a kid is wiggling and moving in the seat which doesn’t really give me a smooth ride. Besides that, it folds up easy and relatively compact for a jogger, the harness is great, the canopy is awesome and the decline is really for comfortable naps. The storage basket, however, is a little small and super difficult to get into. Its kind of a tight squeeze if you want to try and throw a small pack or diaper bag in there. For the price, it was kind of disappointing for me. I don’t love it. But it’s still an overall good stroller if the things I mentioned don’t bother you.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

It’s good but like other reviews, the typical downsides (which I knew would probably happen) the canopy doesn’t stay all the way down if you hit a bump or anything it pops up one notch which isn’t too big of a deal, just annoying. Also, I didn’t bother with a front tray for the baby because other reviews said it was bulky and didn’t have enough room on it and sat too high up. However, we have done fine with just the handlebar accessory I got for it, with the drink holders there. I slimed the tires because we have stickers and goat heads where we live, and it worked fine. Rides smooth. Also didn’t purchase the rain or bug net because reviews said the new model didn’t accommodate the old covers. But overall it’s ok. If those things bothered you, but an older bob OR a Thule.

Bottom line

Aside from the technical components of this stroller, the BOB Revolution is both sleek and modern, making this stroller something you want to use all the time. I had a blast during the 2 week period i was testing it to the limit. Whether you walking through the park, shopping downtown, or jogging a couple of laps around the block, the Revolution Jogger Stroller will not disappoint you.

If you want to buy this stroller you can buy it online through here.

The BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller is  a solid choice for parents and children who want to get out and see the world (or maybe just the neighborhood). Perfect for all types of errands, afternoon outings, fitness activities, or holiday shopping. It is also big on safety and quality which is a huge plus in my book.

Graco Stroller – The Fastaction Fold

By Donna February 27, 2016 Jogging Strollers

Let’s have a closer look at one of the most popular jogging strollers on Amazon. The Graco Fastaction Fold Jogging Stroller. Undeniably the price on this stroller provides a strong appeal. But can the features and quality hold up to more expensive strollers?


The Graco stroller provides a straightforward design. No bells and whistles but still retaining a modern and fresh look. Four different colors to choose from giving options for everybody. I went with the Gotham color. I liked it, matching with most of my running outfits. Other options are Bubble Gum, Black, and Tangerine.

At a list price below 200 US $ the promised features seem like an almost unbeatable value. Additionally, it is extendable with its feature Graco Click Connect Stroller System, that can add a Graco car seat and provide a seamless transfer from car to stroller or back. The Graco infant car seat Snugride is part of a Travel system that I have reviewed here.

The stroller is slightly on the heavy side weighing an approximate 30lb. However, I am getting used to the handling with bulkier frames as compared to lightweight strollers, and it doesn’t seem so daunting anymore. The bulky frame provides stability and sturdiness. It feels like the “Tank” of strollers.


The storage basket is huge and can hold a large volume of various groceries or supplies. Unlike other strollers, the access is freely available and not obstructed by the frame. I did have some issues with the maneuverability of the stroller. The wheels or tires did feel a bit “wonky” to me. Nothing to worry about – just a subjective feeling while steering the stroller.

As always, I am a big fan of the one hand fold mechanisms. The compact fold makes transportation with a car into a breeze. Especially if combined with the Graco car seat you will have a seamless transfer experience. I tested the stroller together with the Graco infant car seat (Snugride) as a combo. I was very pleased. Transfers from Stroller to the car went very smooth without waking up my boy. A huge plus!

For the running test, I did 4 or more miles every day for a week. I live in the suburbs close to a forest. I went off track at times to see for the various abilities such as grip, handling, and suspension. The stroller effortlessly passed this test. As no dedicated shock absorbers are available, the ride was bumpy at times. Nothing too bad though. The air filled rubber tires did provide some suspension.


This Graco stroller provides the essential security features such as foot brakes and 5 point harness. Other models do improve on a lot of security aspects. You will be good off with this one, but if you are looking for more features check out my other reviews. The carseat, however, received good security ratings in crash tests. I was delighted with the handling and transfer from stroller to the car or into the house.


Wheel reflectors for added visibility in low-light environments


3 or 5 point harness to safely secure your passenger


2 step parking brakes for the rear wheels


What are other parents saying? The Amazon reviews speak a clear language. Over 300 reviews with an average of 4 stars plus – there must be something to it.

★★★ 3 out of 5 stars

I LOVE this stroller. It handles great and the seat clicks in so easily also. I love how it folds up and opens with ease also. The only problem I’ve had is the back tires deflating. I’m having to put air in them every couple of days.

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

My wife and I wanted a reliable travel system for our 1st child. She wanted something easy to use, I wanted something sturdy. I dislike strollers with plastic wheels, I’ve seen though take a beating and lose. My wife and I found this travel system and it was like a lite bulb came on. It made sense, something easy to use and something sturdy. As a bonus, I can take my son with me when I’m running or walking. The best of both worlds! I love our travel system and so does my son. He gets in and goes right to sleep wherever we go.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

We love this combo. The car seat clipping into the stroller is so handy when my little one was first born. We fell in love with the color, which was perfect Miami Heat colors, lol. Very safe padded seat. The stroller has the big jogging tires which make for such a smooth ride even if you are just walking normally. The tires allow you to hit bumps and it doesn’t jolt your little one about

Bottom line

I can only repeat what I stated already many times. I like this system. Is it top of the line? No, but it does hold up very well with even the most expensive jogging stroller. The job gets done on every tested scenario. I can safely say it does provide the best bang for the buck so far!

One thing to point out is that pneumatic air filled wheels tend to run flat and need additional maintenance than solid tires. They do however provide more suspension. Keep this in mind when thinking about a purchase. You can buy the Graco Fastaction on Amazon here.

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