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Double Trouble, when your expecting twins

Congratulations, you just won the lottery! Getting twins may seem daunting to you. Say goodbye to a good nights sleep for a while. But don’t worry. At least with today’s product developments, there are good twin strollers or triple strollers that will accommodate your needs and help you get some fresh air for the three of you.

But what do you need or want exactly? That is the question you need to be asking yourself. Do you want a lightweight double stroller for casual walks or do you want a double jogging stroller? There are many different types of double strollers for infant and toddlers. Some models have the seats in line and others side by side. Both designs have their advantages or disadvantages.

For each below-listed category, I have reviewed only the top stroller according to my research and review. The criteria used to determine which models I wanted to consider, I used a mix of popularity and customer satisfaction ratings. Of course, a detailed look at the features and also the design did factor into this decision.

Double jogging stroller

BOB 2016 Revolution PRO Duallie

For obvious reasons, I went with the BOB Revolution Pro Duallie Jogging Stroller. BOB Gears is the superior brand for Jogging Strollers with dedicated suspension. If you seriously consider jogging with your twins, I would recommend this bob double stroller. Just keep in mind the frame itself has to be sturdy to carry two kids. Combine all that weight and add that and consider if you can push this around for more than a few miles while running. Of course also always have the safety in mind. You will need to be in full control to maneuver safely especially in urban and city areas. Halting in an instant may be necessary!


  • Dedicated pneumatic suspension for rear wheels
  • Air filled wheels provide additional suspension
  • Front wheel swivel lockable for jogging


  • Handbrake
  • Wrist strap
  • Parking brake
  • Five point harness
  • Parking brake foot activated
double stroller

What I like

The BOB 2016 Revolution Pro is the King of Jogging strollers in my humble opinion. No other brand provides this level of suspension and safety feature richness.

Air filled pneumatic wheels provide the first level of suspension with excellent maneuverability. Pushing over flat surfaces works effortlessly and can be by anyone. Even when loaded with two kids and a diaper bag with necessities, I had no problem whatsoever. Bear in mind; I am not the tallest or heaviest either.

Adding more comfort and convenience are the dedicated pneumatic suspensions for the rear wheels. These provide for an ultra smooth ride even on gravel or off-track routes.

The cargo pouch under the child seating is sufficient to hold the most simple items you will need to bring along. I was able to fit a diaper bag loaded with the usual for changing your baby plus some snacks and drinks. It’s quite accessible and easy to get your belongings in and out.

This stroller comes loaded with all safety features available such as handbrake and wrist strap. The extended canopy is also an improvement over the older model. Sun protection is essential for kids.

Child seating reclines individually on both seats with a very simple tweak. The seating can also be secured fully upright. A significant improvement, as I have read a lot of other parents had an issue with the kids trying to sit fully upright which was not possible due to the seat angle. I didn’t have this problem as my boy never did this. I don’t know if he’s just lazy or not haha.

What I don't like

Honestly, not much. As with all air filled wheels are prone to run flat at some point. Especially going off-track a lot will put a strain on the wheels. But this is not a problem of the stroller, much rather the nature of air filled wheels. Just keep this in mind and have access to a bicycle pump and replacement tires.

The adjustment of the suspension was a bit difficult to manage for me. Maybe I just did it wrong I don’t know. But for technically not very skilled parents I guess they could improve a little on the handling.


  • Adjustable rear wheel suspension
  • Super maneuverability
  • Great Storage options
  • All safety features included
  • 2016 Model with many improvements


  • Rather heavy when fully loaded with two kids
  • Needs regular maintenance

bottom line

Double stroller

Baby Jogger 2016 City Select

My review of another great stroller from Baby Jogger USA. The City Select 2016 model is very popular with lot’s of great reviews online. I especially like the seating in line, as opposed to the regular side by side seating all other twin strollers provide. This feature allows for better maneuverability in narrow spaces. There are various possibilities on how to arrange the child seats.

Already having reviewed other Baby Jogger strollers, I knew the quality would be excellent. Having carseat adapters to various other manufacturers (such as Graco) provides excellent value as you can use an existing carseat if you already have one.


  • Suspension for front wheels
  • Foam filled wheels
  • 16 seating possibilities (if newborn bassinet is utilized)


  • UPF 50+ canopy
  • Parking brake
double stroller

What I like

I was not surprised about the quality manufacturing of the City Select 2016 model. The used materials and fabrics are of a very high standard as expected from Baby Jogger. The highlight of this stroller is for me the various positions that the seating can installed. I did find the seat as visible in the picture above to be the most convenient, primarily since I used the stroller with two boys already over the age of 18 months. They both wanted to look forward and experience the world around them.

But due to the modularity, you could also go a different route. Say you only have a single child, you can buy the City Select with the regular seat. Now once your second child arrives, you can just buy a second seating or car seat adapter and you have a double stroller! How great is this?

The City Select also comes with foam filled wheels which convince me. I do like this feature as it greatly reduces the need for maintenance and chance for a flat tire. The wheels still provide some degree of suspension and shock absorption.

Easy and compact fold as always with Baby Jogger strollers. When folded, not much space of your car trunk is needed.

What I don't like

The stroller when fully loaded with two kids and baggage is really heavy. Thank god for the excellent bearings and wheels otherwise it would be hard to maneuver. But loading and unloading can be hard if you are smaller and petite as I am. The flipside is that the frame is very robust and sturdy. But buyers beware – the weight is an issue if you’re not strong. Just keep in mind when thinking about a purchase.

When I fully loaded the stroller with both kids and some baggage the front wheels squeaked a little bit. I had to use some grease spray to eliminate this. I would expect a new product to be thoroughly greased especially in moving parts such as the wheels. 


  • Compact fold
  • 16 Configurations possible
  • Foam filled wheels
  • Highly adjustable including handbar recline etc.


  • Very heavy!
  • Squealing front wheels

bottom line

best baby stroller

Double umbrella stroller

Maclaren Twin Techno Stroller

My recommendation for the lightweight double stroller is the Maclaren Twin Techno. The compact and straightforward folding are the highlights of course of this double umbrella stroller. The stroller is very sturdy even though it’s a lightweight frame. I’m not a huge fan of the wheels, but you have to compromise when going for ultimate lightweight and travel flexibility.


  • Very compact fold
  • Individual four-position recline for each seat
  • Rain cover included


  • Five-point safety harness
  • Parking brake
double stroller

What I like

The Maclaren Twin Techno is a practical and versatile stroller if you have twins or two kids you want to take out for a trip to the shopping mall or a casual stroll. The Maclaren is still sturdy given the lightweight frame and compact fold this stroller offers.

For sun protection there are two individually adjustable sun canopies. Both seats also recline independently from each other, which is necessary so you can get both your kids comfortable whether they want to sleep or not. The Legrest can be extended and provide additional comfort and support.

As storage, there are two pouches behind the seats with them each holding 15 liters volume. Bonus accessories are an included rain cover. Extras without payment are always welcome in my book.

What I didn't like

The Maclaren did maneuver reasonably well on pavements and sidewalks without big kinks or debris in the way. But even the dedicated four-wheel suspension didn’t satisfy my understanding of a smooth ride. I felt the stroller was subject to quite a lot of shocks which I did not like at all.

I also had problems operating the safety buckle of the five-point harness. Either I could not get it open, or it opened almost by itself. Once my kid opened the buckle himself. He was trying to escape and jumped out of the stroller. That was quite the shock! This was a big letdown for me. You can’t have this happening on a stroll through a busy area. Thank god no car was close by and was able to secure the stroller and jump after him. This was apparently a manufacturing malfunction, so I sorted this out with the customer care. I got the full stroller replaced within two days. Feeling unweary about the incident I was pleasantly surprised with the customer care I received after that.

The replacement stroller worked like a charm which confirmed my first hunch. I can say that the safety harness is safe when correctly manufactured. Every product can be at risk of having a malfunction. It’s just reality. What is most important is how manufacturer and retailer react in customer support. I do recommend to thoroughly check the buckle of your stroller for the case you want to buy one.


  • Very small and compact fold
  • Great sun protection canopies
  • Versatile and adjustable
  • Individual recline on each seat
  • Great customer support


  • Still rather heavy even for a umbrella stroller
  • Suspension doesn't really work due to 6" wheels

bottom line

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