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By Donna March 16, 2017 Jogging Strollers

Being a running addict before I got pregnant made me do this blog. I was running for 3-5 times per week to stay in shape and get some balance in my busy work and private life. I always lived in the suburbs with beautiful trails available within a few minutes travel. Going out into nature for a hike or running my favorite trail gave me a sense of accomplishment and psychological satisfaction.

After getting pregnant, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to continue with my hobby. Or at the very least not for the time being until my kid would reach a certain age where I would have enough free time again to pick it up. Researching all the different baby strollers and various types of pushchairs that have been on the market nowadays, I quickly realized I could keep my hobby alive and even better, incorporate my kid into it.

Spending lot’s of time and money into buying baby gear and an appropriate stroller I got very excited to go back to running with my kid being 8 Months old. I immediately started getting an improved mood and self-confidence. Those postnatal hormones are something. But not only for myself but also for my baby I began seeing benefits. I guess it’s due to being out in the fresh air and the quick motion and momentum that helps them and soothes them. If I had troubles getting my boy to bed, I would either go for a casual stroll or a few miles run. I started very small and began improving. He usually fell asleep 5 minutes out of the door.

I hope this blog can help you guys out there when researching what stroller is the perfect fit for you. Be it a jogging stroller, a regular stroller or even a bicycle chariot. There is a fitting model for every parent out there. Some models also have great features across different categories.

Should you miss a model that you want to have reviewed, please register on the top right sidebar of this blog and send me a private message or comment below. I will gladly consider for the upcoming reviews.

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