5 fun activities for your kids including your stroller

By Donna June 5, 2017 Blog Articles

In the following article, I want to equip you with the tools to provide something for yourself and your local community. Personally, I have done all of the activities and the friendship and gratefulness I got in return have been really great. You will meet other parents that you can share your struggles and stories with. I know for anybody without a kid it can be annoying talking to fresh parents. Everything revolves around bowel movements and eating or sleeping habits. So meet up with like-minded and share your life. They will have the same struggles as you believe me. It just helps to know that you’re not the only one struggling with some of the issues. It’s not easy, but if you get through the growing pains the rewards in form of love you get are simply worth it.

Create activities and adventures for your little ones

Stuck at home and your kid is pushing your buttons? Screaming toddlers driving you crazy? Your kids not sleeping through the night waking up multiple times? Welcome to the madhouse called parenthood! 

Your kids most likely are either just bored and seeking attention or they’re just being normal kids. In my experience, kids need constant occupation or they will create it for themselves. Everything is new to them. They are like little high-octane reactors constantly drawing energy from god knows where. I guess I was the same as a kid *grin.

Create adventures for them! Invite them to discover the outdoors. Try to be clever and provide them with great activities that will drain their energy. Heck, you could even get them to sleep through the night. How awesome would that be?

1) Bicycle ride to the park

Baby Strollers

Pack your bags and get ready to take your kids to the park! If you can and have a chariot stroller get your supplies ready and strap that chariot to your bike. Strap your little buggers in and off you go.

  1. You will get exercise while traveling to the park
  2. Your kids will most likely keep quiet as the motion tends to soothe them. If not just drain their energy with fun games or a long walk. I promise they will calm down.

When you’re at the park you can do various things.

  • Go for a run.
  • Casual strolls around the pavements or pathways
  • Have a picnic
  • Bug hunt or bird watching
  • Play hide and seek

ProTip -> Make friends with other parents that are also visiting the park with their kids. Ideally, both of your kids will get along and they can play together and be occupied. This will give you and the other parents some breathing room to either catch a break or have a chat with them.

2) Scavenger Hunt

Baby Strollers

One of the most fun activities outside is a scavenger hunt! I have planned and organized one so far, and it was a blast! The more time you put into it, the more fun it will be for everyone.

If you already go out on regular runs maybe to the forest or nearby parks, this will be significantly easier. Just plan your route or stops somewhere along the way. Don’t make it too long as everybody has different fitness levels and may find it physically challenging.

You will need helpers. Recruit friends and family or other parents from your neighborhood that want to participate.

Structure your Hunt! There is a good site that provides free great information on how to create a Scavenger Hunt in detail. Don’t forget to think about prizes. A lot of the excitement the kids get is from friendly competition. You can even teach your kids the first lesson on how to deal with competition from peers. Don’t go overboard in promoting competitiveness too strong, but let them be their personalities. This is the approach I am taking.

Ideally, you want to design the hunt with the kids in mind. Do the riddles easy that the kids can figure out the solutions and answers themselves. The parents should only be supervisors and “staff” in the hunt.

At the end of the hunt form an awards ceremony and celebrate the winners. Why not combine with a barbecue or outdoor picnic at the end? A great way to end a fun and exciting day.

3) Stroller Race

Baby Strollers

If you’re really into serious running and jogging with your stroller check for various local races. There are regular races that have terms that allow running with a stroller and kid. Just manage your expectations – you probably won’t be the leader of the pack.

Something I would rather recommend is dedicated stroller races. So everybody will be like-minded and understanding. There is a good website that lists races that are organized across the United States (RunStrollerRun). You can search for pre-organized races through location and find other various interesting articles and posts. The authority site to check if you are into stroller racing or want to start.

Prepare yourself appropriately for the race and train with your kids. This can be a very fun and exciting experience for everybody involved. Try not to be too competitive but show your kids that motivation and following through is important, regardless of the outcome.

4) Playground meetup with friends

Baby Strollers

This one is hands down my favorite outdoor kid activity. I do this every other day. Find friends at your local park or meet up with existing friends and family. If you are a stay at home mom or dad and have lots of free time to fill out ideally, you want to go out with your toddlers as much as possible. The fresh air has a very positive effect on your kids. My boy usually sleeps better if we spend a part of the day outside.

Refer to possibilities in the first activity for more to do’s in a park. My favorite aspect of this is when meeting up with others the kids usually take care of themselves apart from drinking and feeding or changing diapers.

The best part is the social forum. With being a full-time stay at home mom, I sometimes miss social interaction with other adults. You will have lots of time to socialize and get some moral support from like-minded parents. We all are going through our struggles, but sharing can provide significant relief. Sometimes just getting troubles off your chest can make your day. I enjoy the days where I go out to the playground for meetups.

5) Camping trips with cycle or running routes

Baby Strollers

The last recommendation I can give is to plan a camping trip with your family. Man, they are so much fun! Bring your bicycles along if you can and have the cargo space on the car. Or even go with your bikes?

There are so many possibilities. Sleeping in a tent and cooking on an open fire really is something special. Family bonding time is so important. You can teach your kids a lot and you spend all time in beautiful mother nature.

I recently made a camping trip with my husband and son. Our first but I will never forget it. We stayed for 2 nights at a lake with a managed camping area. It had basic amenities such as a local small shop for supplies, a shower area with hot and cold water, private toilet stalls and a camp guide. If need be they can assist you in putting up a tent or any other help you may need. We received a designated little lot with lots of room on both sides. The woods to the back and the lake in front. What a view!

Some of the activities we did

  • Sing songs together
  • Built a campfire
  • Cooked lunch and dinner on the campfire
  • Went on long walks through the forest
  • Swimming in the lake (the water was cold!)
  • Bike tours
  • Running routes with the jogger

We had a ton of fun. Even though my boy doesn’t speak well I could tell he had a blast! We will be doing this every year at least once from now on. We did a few miles jogging both days so we got our workout in there a well.

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