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By Donna August 16, 2017 Regular Strollers

Stokke Xplory

Stokke Xplory










  • great maneuverability
  • adjustable seat height
  • included rain cover
  • various seat positions
  • seat padding to adjust for various baby sizes
  • lots of ventilation features


  • not so easy to fold
  • needs a lot of space when folded
  • slim wheels not for every terrain
  • rather small storage options
  • no dedicated suspension

Researching regular strollers to review, I found the Norwegian premium brand Stokke. They do manufacture a variety of different strollers and prams. The new flashy toy the have is the Stokke Xplory. What intrigued me was the design and the ability to adjust the height of the infant seat on the fly.


The Stokke Xplory is a gorgeous stroller. You will steal the show everywhere you go! I would describe the look as modern and clean. Thin yet sturdy and with a distinct structure. No frippery or any other distracting or unnecessary design elements.

As usual, upon receipt, I unbox and assemble the stroller. Very easy as there are not many elements to assemble. Before first use, I carefully inspect the manufacturing quality and materials used.  The Stokke Xplory does give a high-quality feel, and the fabrics seem very durable and water repellant. The seams had no loose visual threads and sewn very well.

The frame and seat assembled do provide an exceptional look and guarantee that you will draw attention wherever you go. It’s probably down to taste if you like it or not. I love it very much. Minimalistic and elegant. At first, I thought the stroller to be nimble due to its appearance, but it is quite the opposite. I’d say somewhat bulky.


The handling of the Stokke Xplory has its pros and cons. I did not like all aspects that I encountered in my review. Somewhat disappointing for me was the folding mechanism and folding space that the stroller requires. It’s not so easy to fold the stroller. You will need both hands, and there are a few tweaks you need to do to compact the stroller for transport. This is far from the one hand folds that other strollers do provide. I’d love to see Stokke improve on this in future model revisions.

I did love the maneuverability. The rubber wheels and bearings do offer superior movement on any flat and paved surface! I did use the stroller also on gravel tracks and was slightly disappointed. It’s not the end of the world, but missing suspension or shock absorbers make for a bumpy ride. My boy did not complain at all as the seat, and the harness is well padded, but again I prefer other strollers that I tested for off-road strolling.

With regards to jogging, I did not even dare to try this stroller as a jogger. In my opinion, this is just not possible and can also be considered unsafe with this stroller. There are plenty of other models that you can use for jogging with your kid.

Various positive notes for me would be the fabrics are attached with zippers on the top. You can open the zipper to provide airflow on hot days. Underneath the material of the canopy, there is a very light mesh that does not obstruct airflow but still provides cover to a certain degree. Great design

Adjustable seat height

The crucial prominent feature, however, is probably the adjustable seat height. It blew my mind. What a marvel of engineering! Whoever came up with this idea deserves a medal. My husband is considerably higher than me so for him to be able to raise the seat height is invaluable. He confirmed that it’s much more comfortable to handle and take care of the kid when compared to another.

Hitting the same curb is the fact that you can take your kid with this stroller out for restaurants. You don’t need to look for restaurants that provide with child seating (which is becoming more and more difficult somehow in my opinion). Just take your stroller and raise or lower the seat to the height of the table. We used this a lot since our boy is now a bit bigger and behaves considerably better than a few months ago. We love going out for Lunch on the weekends or an early dinner on weeknights. I do also think that my boy is calmer because he can sit in a familiar environment (his stroller) with all his toys attached and snacks within reach. We did try to go out for restaurants, but I thought that after a short while he started getting anxious and we ended up having to leave early and taking the main course home. Just alone for this feature id probably recommend this stroller!


Another great feature is that through the frame design you will have lots of leg space to push the stroller. Some strollers kind of get in the way of your feet and with the Stokke Xplory, you will have plenty of space. A Very positive feature that I liked.

This stroller provides a lot of versatility in the way you can attach the seat. Refer to below image for a visual aid on what you can do with this stroller/frame. Because every kid is individual, some like facing forward and some prefer keeping the parent in sight. Or you could also just change on the fly.

stokke xplory review


The Stokke Xplory provides the necessary security features for a stroller and those are actually of high quality. Missing suspension and handbrake definitely restrict you from jogging with this model. Refer to our other reviews for dedicated jogging strollers.

What I miss with this model is a wrist strap. Even if used only as a stroller I would recommend to attach the stroller to yourself. Better be safe than sorry…


Padded five point harness that provides comfort and security. Always strap your kid with the harness!


The parking brake locks the rear wheels and is foot activated.

Included items

With the Stokke Xplory, I have yet another very expensive stroller in the review. But there are also a lot of extras included that provide great value that otherwise would need to be purchased such as rain cover, mosquito nets and padded inlays for newborns etc.

  • 1. Xplory Chassis
  • 2. Seat
  • 3. Stroller Canopy
  • 4. Visor for Canopy
  • 5. Baby Pad
  • 6. Seat Handle
  • 7. Harness Protector
  • 8. Rain cover
  • 9. Mosquito Net
  • 10. Accesory Bag


Let’s see some online reviews. What do other parents think about the Xplory?

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

We love our Stokke. Small and easy to maneuver in shops and cafes. I really wanted something that was small and didn’t have the daggy basket on the bottom that I would inevitable fill to the brim with stuff! We have the Stokke nappy bag and shopping bag, both of which have plenty of room. The shopping bag expands to be quite large. I like that the nappy bag size means that I can only take what is necessary – it means you have to plan and pack well which is perfect for me because otherwise, I would end up carting around stuff I don’t need. 

I love that the baby is high to maintain eye contact with us and out of reach of most dogs. I would say this is a perfect city/shopping pram – We also have a three-wheeler jogging pram with large inflatable tires for long walks which is much more smooth, but this is what I would expect. 

I love that once baby has the head control you can use the pram as a high chair at cafes. Easy to get it and out of the car and fits easily into our boot (we have a Toyota Kluger). The design does mean you can’t hang shopping bags from it, but I think this is actually safer as you shouldn’t hang any weight from any pram and he stoke handle means you can’t do this without thinking.

I like that it looks different to the normal run of the mill prams which all look very similar. We bought second hand for $400 including seat and bassinet – I’m not sure that I could justify the new price, regardless of how much I love it!

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars

It is easy to maneuver for sure. Much easier than the shopping carts in any supermarkets. The wheels turns really smoothly and with the med size wheels, it runs over most grooves on the floor rather smoothly. 

I have been to slightly muddy terrain and grassy terrain. They are all good. No difficulty with getting stuck whatsoever, if not a bit squashy. 

It isn’t cosmetically durable, as scratches land on the hardware easily. As for the fabric part. It was good for a while, rather stain resistant, but the resistant seems to fade over time and some stain seems to be permanent. Washing it wouldn’t remove it. You can use it as a high chair as long as you aren’t cosmetically picky about it.

Been using it since my toddler is 6 months old, she is not slightly over 3 and is using it. She is much more willing to stay on this for long periods of time compared to other prams I have used.

bottom line

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