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By Donna August 27, 2017 Jogging Strollers

Thule Urban Glide

Thule Urban Glide










  • front wheel swivel lockable for jogging
  • one hand fold
  • canopy adjusts to various positions
  • dedicated suspention for shock absorption
  • adjustable handlebar
  • seat support up to 75 lb


  • many extras available, but not included
  • no hand brake

Wow – what a quality stroller. In this review, will provide an in-depth look at the Thule Urban Glide – the newest addition to the high-end Jogger Strollers from Thule. There are so much 4+ star ratings that can be found all over the internet. I took the decision to try out the Thule Urban Glide mainly to see if all the ratings are true. Thule is supposed to be expert in Safety and Quality. Two properties that we all are looking for in a baby stroller.


I ordered the Thule black version. Upon receiving & unboxing, I am astonished by the quality and feel of the materials. The seams and general manufacturing have done an excellent job. It screams quality all over! Out of all the reviewed strollers, this is by far the one that provides the most quality feel so far.

It looks amazing. Very sleek and no unnecessary details. Straight to the point. The fabric has a very comfortable touch. The frame is slightly narrow compared to the BOB Gear Strollers. What a great design. I love it.


The stroller weighs in at 23 lb. I’d therefore instead tend to call it lightweight. By far my favorite feature, the one hand folding, is found on this stroller as well. I love this. One grab and your good to go. The light frame just adds for easy handling.

The Thule Urban Glide features a 12″ front swivel and 16″ inch rear pneumatic air-filled wheels. This construction was done with the serious jogger in mind. The additional, designated suspension on the rear wheels absorb the massive shocks. Going off the path was never inconvenient! Just keep the potential maintenance in mind that comes with air-filled tires. You could have a flat tire and need to replace. I’ve had this before, and it can be annoying.

The seating features a ventilated area on top to provide fresh air to the little passenger. Very clever in my opinion, to avoid heating up and provide excellent airflow to the seated child. Also special to mention is the zipper on the storage compartment. It’s the first time I see this on a stroller. This will keep your belongings dry even when jogging out in wet weather conditions. Nifty feature.

The Thule Urban Glide is extendable with additional options. For example, you can extend the base frame with a baby bassinet for a newborn. You can save serious bank if you research this upfront having your baby.

I didn’t do enough research before our son Jackson was born. Hence my husband and I ended up buying a regular stroller with baby bassinet first and needed a jogger stroller later as our requirements changed while Jackson was aging to a toddler. Had I done this, in the beginning, we could have saved hundreds of dollars. This is why I like the modular systems.

Another honorable mention would be accessories. Usually, I am not big on buying tons of add-ons, but the rain cover deserves to be presented. The cover is somewhat inexpensive and provides such great value. You will end up going for runs, strolls or just walks, outside when the weather is not great. Your kid or kids will need fresh air. When they scream from the top of their lungs, you will do anything to get them quiet again. When my boy has a freakout, and he does have them regularly, I grab all the gear, and we go on a 2-hour walk, or I do a small jogging session. Immediately he will be either sleeping or giggle and enjoy the view.


Hands down the most important in my reviews are brakes and wrist-straps. The Thule Urban Glide does come with an included wrist-strap. If you go on regular jogging sessions and preferably off track, you will know why a strap is a lifesaver. In case you trip and fall you want the stroller attached to yourself so it won’t roll away putting your kid in harm’s way. If a stroller does not come with one included I always encourage my friends and family to DIY one from anything they have available at home. Everybody has random cords, lace, braids or any sort of string lying around they can transform into a wrist wrap if they go seriously off-track jogging.

Rather disappointing is that the Thule Urban Glide has no handbrake. This takes away a very important feature for serious jogging. This, even more, emphasizes the need for a wrist strap.


5 point padded harness for maximal comfort and safety while driving.


Adjustable to various positions to accommodate parents of different heights.


All used materials lead free


Parking brakes for both rear wheels  foot activated


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

We don’t jog, but we use this stroller for everything else:
-It fits through the x-ray machine at all airports if you quickly collapse it and take the wheels off, then is easy to gate check.

-We take it off-roading on hikes if the trail is not super skinny. I know this isn’t a recommended use, but it can handle some rough terrain if needed.

-Our baby naps in it every day. You can lay the back almost completely flat and it is suspended so it’s very comfortable for our baby.

I would recommend taking it to a bike shop and having tire sealant added since they are real pneumatic tires. I keep between 15-20 psi for a pretty cushy ride. They suspension helps a lot too. There’s also a screw that kept coming loose on ours, it just needed Loctite on the threads, which a bike shop can do too.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Where has this jogger been all my parenting life? I’ve made do with a typical stroller with four wheels for years, but given how much running I do it’s ridiculous I didn’t look into getting a good jogger earlier on. If you’re running a lot and have a little one to take along, they’ll love it. My two year old has fallen asleep twice in it already on longer runs of 8+ miles.

This stroller is fantastic- just the right combo of room for the little passenger, a sunshade, bonus storage room underneath, great running clearance for feet, an adjustable handlebar, shocks!, and the locking front wheel (with an adjustable knob for left or right drag). Great quality, and for a very fair price. We’ve even taken to bringing it as our town stroller as well since it handles so smoothly. One minor concern (nothing is perfect) is that it’s not ultra-collapsible, so if you’re looking for something highly portable this might not fit the bill. But the trade-off is totally worth it in our book. You won’t be disappointed in this stroller!

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

We love this combo. The car seat clipping into the stroller is so handy when my little one was first born. We fell in love with the color, which was perfect Miami Heat colors, lol. Very safe padded seat. The stroller has the big jogging tires which make for such a smooth ride even if you are just walking normally. The tires allow you to hit bumps and it doesn’t jolt your little one about

bottom line

To sum up, I had the best two weeks using this jogging stroller. It was great going on long runs or leisure strolls with my boy. He was always very comfortable and never complained to me. I enjoyed the various safety features, the general handling and gliding ability was just enjoyable. I can wholeheartedly recommend this jogger stroller for both running, but also if you use it for everyday errands and grocery shopping.

The only letdown here is the missing handbrake that I missed when going on steep slopes while running. Just make sure to wear a wrist strap in any case.

I wholeheartedly recommend this jogger stroller for both running and just for everyday use running errands and grocery shopping. If you want you can buy the stroller here on Amazon.

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